What is the Meaning of Mi Casa Su Casa?

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My house is your house.

My home is your home.

I think the correct phrase is Mi Casa Es Su Casa.
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Mi casa es su casa?

my house is your house my house is your house = mi casa es su casa

What does mi casa mean in english?

My house or My home depending on the context of the statement. In Spanish the word Casa means House AND Home at the same time.

Esta su casa means?

i think u mean 'esta es su casa?' . It's basically asking u 'whether this is ur home'

Mi casa su casa?

"Mi casa es su casa" means "my house is your house".

What does em mi casa mean?

It's "...en mi casa..." and it literally means "in my house." However, it can also mean "at home," as in, "I left my purse at home. "

How do use mi casa su casa in a sentence?

Whenever my aunt comes over looking selfish of staying at my house, my mom always says " mi casa es su casa, Ann, my house is your house"
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What does trabajo mi casa no mean?

"Trabajo mi casa no" would mean "I work my house not." If you mean "I don't so house work", it is "No hago las tareas del hogar".
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Origination of mi casa es su casa?

That's an unknown origin, probably from any latin american country. It compares favourably with the (rather cynical) North-of-England saying: 'What's yours is mine; what's