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What is the Meaning of Mi Casa Su Casa?


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My house is your house.

My home is your home.

I think the correct phrase is Mi Casa Es Su Casa.


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"Mi casa es su casa" means "my house is your house".

my house is your housemy house is your house = mi casa es su casa

Mi casa es su casa. My home is your home.

my house is your house = mi casa es su casa

Casa su papa = Marry your potato. Casa su papá = Marry your father. Casa de su papá = Your Father's house/home Caza su papa = hunt your potato.

Literally, "Mi casa es su casa" or "Mi casa su casa" means "My house is your house." It's like "Welcome! Come on in! Take your shoes off and make yourself at home!"

Su Casa means your house in Spanish.

Mi casa es su casa = my house is your house, in other words welcome to my house and feel free.

Mi casa es su casa. OR if you are feeling informal: mi casa es tu casa.

Mi casa es su casa literally means my house is your house. The sense is what's mine is yours, help yourself.

it is spanish for 'my house is your house'

Whenever my aunt comes over looking selfish of staying at my house, my mom always says " mi casa es su casa, Ann, my house is your house"

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"Mi casa es su casa" (my house is your house).

De mi casa a su/tu casa (formal/informal)

"De mi casa a su casa" (if you wish to be formal/polite); "De mi casa a tu casa" (if you're on more friendly terms)

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The translation of the polite phrase is "Mi casa es su casa."

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