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the active ingredient in mentos is pepsi

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How do you make coke spew?

You shake it!!

Why do people bye whale spew?

Because it is used to make perfume

What actors and actresses appeared in Spew - 2009?

The cast of Spew - 2009 includes: Frank Huckingbush as Spew

Does it spew lava or ash or flow?

A volcano will spew lava.

How do you use volcanoes in a sentence?

A ring of volcanoes surrounds the northern Pacific Ocean, some of which are active and spew lava and others of which are dormant mountain peaks.

Differentiate between active and inactive volcano?

An active volcano is scientifically proven to be able to spew lava, or simply erupt. An inactive volcano does not erupt and normally stays inactive for about 10 more years before it dies.

Is spew an onomatopoeia?

It can be argued whether or not spew is an onomatopoeia, but most will agree it is not. The definition of spew is to expel large quantities of something forcibly. Spew can be used to describe vomiting and puking. Onomatopoeia is used to describe a word that sounds like what it means. Such as the word buzz.

Why does diet soda explode when Mentos are added?

Mentos dropped into diet sodas will cause the CO2 to come out of solution very quickly. It is believed that the irregular surface of the candy provides an ideal location for bubbles to form and accelerates the process many times the normal speed, causing the geyser of soda to spew out of the top. Just about any diet soda will work and it goes about 10 feet!

What are the most devastating volcanoes?

ones that spew lava straight up and those that make a lot of ash

How do you use Spew in a sentence?

The definition of spew is to throw up. It is basically a synonym for throw up, vomit, words like that. For example a sentence would be, "She looked like she was about ready to spew chunks."

From a volcano how far can lava spew?

No one is certain, but most volcanoes can spew lava about 50 feet from it's base.

When do volcanoes spew out magma?

when they are exploding

If you shake up diffrent brands of soda will they spew the same amount?

NO.because if you have brands and non brands it might not spew the amount

How do you make candy spew out of zombies in Plants vs Zombies?

You have to enter the code "Pinata" But it only works if the tree of wisdom tells you about it.

How can you get semen to spew out of your penis?

-C00KI3 moNsTeR

Do different sodas spew the same amount?


Do you poop or pee out ice cream?

you spew it

What does soda spew?

soda and air (or bubbles)

Does San Andreas Fault spew lava?


What is a 4 letter word for emanation?


Do some volcanoes spew cold stuff?

yes they can occur on icy moons of the outer solar systems, and spew ice and ilquid gases instead of lava.

If I were making a science project what should I make?

You can never fail with a standard Volcano. Even better if you can get it to erupt in front of the class and spew lava.

Robert Thompson's riders of the spew?

Robert Thompson's Riders of the Spew was his first published novel. It is an action, adventure, Scifi novel. Some very good reading.

How do cats spew furballs?

well the simple thing is that they lick there furand then when they bring to much fur well licking the spew out furballs...... (=P gross......) ADAM SUCKS HIS BALLS

How do you clean leather boots if you have dry spew on them?

First remove the spew with hot water on a rag. When dry, clean boots with a few drops of olive oil on a soft rag.

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