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Q: What is the Name of Credential?
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What is the appropriate punctuation to use after Ed.D credential and job title after your name?


How do you write credential behind name with a Master of Arts degree in counseling?

M.A. (That's it)

The credential RD displayed by a dietitian's name indicates registration with what?

RD = Registered Dietitian

What is a sentence using credential?

what are your Credentials? credential also means qualification.

How do you write your name with more than one credential behind it?

Put the most important (or most impressive) credential first ... eg, I. M. Kaput, PhD, President Swamp Hallow Condo Assn.

Order of Credentials after name?

Based on my research for credentials after several peoples name in the IT industry. It appears that the most important credential appears first.

How do you use credential as a sentence?

The credential on his resume is fake, he never earned a degree at that university.

What is a sentence for credential?

Whenever you interview someone for a job you must have a good credential to be hired

Credential in a sentence?

Credential is usually plural: "before giving a teaching position, the university will scrutinize your credentials."

What is the meaning of the abbreviation 'RS' after someone's name?

Registered Sanitarian. It is a professional credential for people working in the field of environmental health.

What is the antonym of credential?


What does the credential HTCP mean?

It means Healing Touch Certified Practitioner - the credential offered by Healing Touch Program.