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Q: What is the Official Name of Guatemala?
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What is Guatemala's official name?

The Republic of Guatemala is it's official name.

What is the official sport of Guatemala?


What is Guatemala's official religion?

Catholicism is the official religion of Guatemala. 50%-60% Catholic 40% Protestant 3% Eastern Orthodox 1% Follow the Indigenous Mayan faith (found this on the Wikipedia article Guatemala.)

How do you get a certified Birth certificate from Guatemala for an adopted child?

Go to: www If you need a birth certificate from Guatemala, an adoption decree from Guatemala, a death certificate from Guatemala, marriage certificate, an apostille, a name correction on the official guatemalan record or simply a translated - notarized document; They speak English

What is the name of the capital of Guatemala?

Guatemala City

What is Guatemala's national name?

Republican Of Guatemala

What is the real name of Guatemala City?

Guatemala is the real name of the capital.

What is the name of Guatemala's national anthem?

Guatemala Feliz

What language Guatemalan speaks?

Spanish is the official language of Guatemala

What is Guatemala's full name?

Guatemala de el Rio grande

How do you obtain a death certificate from Guatemala?

You can get a death certificate from Guatemala by going to the Guatemala Vital Statistics website: There is a link to order the certificate and also phone numbers and an email address for alternate contact, along with the cost of the documents and the shipping.

What is the bird on the flag of Guatemala?

The national animal of Guatemala is a green bird called the Quetzal. This is also the name of a city and of the currency. (The name is borrowed from a god of the ancient civilization that resided there.)