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Plug ins

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Q: What is the Program that starts and operates as part of a browser?
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What are browser Clients and what do they do?

Browser Clients are one of Two things: First off a regular Client browser is a program you use to surf the Web. Such as Opera, Internet Explorer or Firefox. This can sometimes be simply refered to as a Client. The second use of the term i have heard is a program such as a java applet which downloads from a website onto your computer through your browser to run a network application. This is called browser client because the client software starts up and requires the browser to work correctly. One such example of this could be a Yahoo Games style interface, where they have you click ona link a new window opens up and downloads part of the game which runs out of your browser.

What's the difference between plug-ins and helper applications?

A helper application is a separate application program that is invoked by the browser. It is simply a program that can understand and interpret files which the browser cannot handle by itself. Almost any program can be configured to act as a helper application for the browser. Examples of helper applications include Telnet and Excel. The browser forks a separate process which starts the helper application. The helper application runs outside of the browser window. So, an advantage of helper applications over plug-ins is multitasking between a helper application and the browser window. If the browser is closed down, the helper application lives on. Helper applications cannot display the contents of a file in the context of a Web page. If the file being read is a graphic, the helper application displays only the image, not the image embedded in the Web page. Another difference is that the browser has no control over the behavior of the helper application. The browser only has the ability to start the helper application and display the appropriate file. whereas A plug-in is an application program invoked by the browser. It is a dynamic code module designed to extend the capabilities of the browser by integrating a third party application program into the browser. Thus, a plug-in is part of the browser binary tree and runs inside the browser window. It cannot live on its own. When plug-ins are installed they automatically tell the browser what file extensions they work with. Normally, there is no configuration involved with plug-ins, only installation. Because plug-ins are part of the browser binary tree they are platform specific. Therefore the correct version must be downloaded for plug-ins to work properly. Examples of plug-ins include RealAudio and Shockwave.

What is browser cookies in chrome?

Cookies is a small part of website that is sent to the browser. It improves the performance of the browser.

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EA Games is selling this program as a digital download on their website. It is not available for playing on a web browser.

What is the parts of an internet browser?

An internet browser is a very important part of a network. A browser should be able to fetch the data to the fullest.

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Is Google web creator a GUI?

A GUI, or graphical user interface is only part of a program. It is the part that the user sees, when it's not a console application. For example, your mail program, FireFox or Internet Explorer are both GUI program because you do not use them in a console mode. Windows to has a GUI, and it's what you probably use to get around with your computer. Google Web Creator, now changed for Google Sites is a browser based website hosting and creating service. It is not a GUI, as it is browser based and a website creator, but it has a easy to use WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor to create websites.

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