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The publication date of the book The Outsiders was April 24, 1967. the book was written by S. E. Hinton.

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If a separate publication date is not specified, it can be assumed that it's the same as the copyright date.

publication date or release date

Publication date was 1884.Publication date was 1884.Publication date was 1884.Publication date was 1884.Publication date was 1884.Publication date was 1884.

No it's not the date it was made i was wondering that too.

Author Title Place of Publication Publisher Date of Publication Page Number(s)

The copyright date is the year the text was completed. It may or may not be the same as the publication date.

A biographical entry shows the author, title, publisher, place of publication, and date of publication of a book.EXAMPLE:author's last name, first name. Title of the Book.publisher. province/state ofpublication: city/town of publication, copyright year (date ofpublication).

Bottom left (Verso) of the first or second page .

The date that Dallas Winston from the book, The Outsiders, was on July 22, 1952.

write the author last name first title of book underlined city of publication publisher date of publication

The date of publication coincides with public release of a work.

The date of publication is the date (usually just the year) when the work was released to the public.

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The date listed in the copyright notice of a book is usually the date of first publication. Sometimes books are revised for later printings, however, and in such cases the date of first publication of the revised edition may be used. So, if a book was originally published in 2010 but revised in 2011 the copyright notice date for the revised edition may be 2011.

According to the related link: YEAR OF PUBLICATIONFor edited books, include only the year of copyright, in parenthesis, then end with a period. If the book was republished, include the original date of publication and the new date, separated by a slash (/), in the text citation, but list only the publication date of the source used in the reference list. If no date of publication is listed, put "n.d." in the parenthesis. Standard form (1995). Republished book (in-text citation) (1935/1980). No date given(n.d.).

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Author(s) ; Title of Book ; Place of Publication ; Publisher ; Date Publisher and Place of Publicat can ususally be found in the front of the book.

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