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Q: What is the Rosetta stone and how did it impact future civilizations?
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What impact did the Rosetta Stone have on the civilization?

The Rosetta Stone let archaeologists understand, read and find out about Ancient Egyptian Civilizations. The Rosetta Stone had hieroglyphics written on it.

Who or what was the Rosetta stone named after?

the Rosetta stone was named after the city of Rosetta

TheΒ Β helped historians understand hieroglyphics.Β Β (Rosetta Stone/astronomers)?

Rosetta Stone

How did the find the Rosetta stone?

French soldiers found the Rosetta stone in the town of Rosetta

What does Rosetta Stone mean in the Bible?

The Rosetta Stone is not in the Bible.

How is the Rosetta stone?

The rosetta stone is used to read hierogyphics.

What is the Rosetta stone use?

the Rosetta Stone is used for messages

When did they discovered the Rosetta stone?

the rosetta stone was founded in 1799

What is the name of the slab of rock discovered in 1799 with Egyptian hieroglyphics?

The Rosetta Stone.

What is unique about the Rosetta Stone?

The same thing was written in three languages.

When was the Egyptian Rosetta stone made?

The Rosetta Stone was made in 1799.

Why is the Rosetta stone impotant?

The Rosetta Stone is what we used to decode hieroglyphics