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The first man made, and Russian (Soviet) satellite was Sputnik launched in 1957.

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Is sputnik 1 a satellite?

Yes, a Russian satellite.

Is Sputnik 1 a Russian spacecraft?

Sputnik 1 was a Russian satellite.

Who created the satellite?

Russian scientists worked together to build the first satellite

What was the name of the first satellite in orbit?

the moon is a satellite or there was a Russian one spudnick

The first artificial satellite ever launched into space was the Mercury?

No. The first artificial satellite launched was the Russian satellite, Sputnik 1.

What was the name of the first Russian space satellite?


Who was first to invented the satellite?

The very first satellite put into orbit was the Russian satellite Sputnik put into orbit on October 4th, 1957.

What was the Russian satellite that was launch in 1957 that began the race between the Russian and the United States?

The Sputnik I was the first satellite launched into low earth orbit on October 4th 1957

What was the world's first artificail satellite?

Russian satellite sputnik.Answer:The first artificial satellite was Sputnik I, launched by the Soviet Union on the 4th of October 1957

Who was behind satellite invention?

a big clan of Russian scientists.

What was the first item lauched into space?

The Russian satellite Sputnik

Why were people scared of sputnik?

They thought it was a Russian spy satellite

What is the definition of sputnik and answer?

Sputnik was an early Russian space satellite.

What was the name of the first object launched into space?

Sputnik, a Russian satellite.

What does sputnik mean in pig latin?

Nothing - It is Russian for Satellite actually, while sputnik was the first satellite sent up by the Russians into space, and first ever really, it doesn't mean satellite in Russian. It means "fellow traveler of the earth" contrary to what you might think

Who invented the tv satellite?

1957 -- when Sputnik was launched into orbit by Russian astronauts.

When was the satellite Sputnick launched into space?

It was the Russian spacecraft Sputnik in August 1957.

How long was the first satellite in orbit?

It was the Russian sputnik, it was up for about 7 months.

What was the name of a Russian spaceship?

("If you mean the first one launched, It was named "Sputnik 1".) Here we go again... NO It Wasn't! The first Spacecraft with a human to go into space was the Russian Satellite called 'Vostok', or 'Vostok 3KA'. 'Sputink', is the Russian word for 'Satellite', it was NOT the Name of the spacecraft. imagine if every Russian called 'Apollo 18' ... 'Satilite' with a heavy russian accent... DRrr Not. Now to address the question, name of a russian spaceship? there are many...

When was the first saterlite in space?

The first satellite in space was the Russian Sputnik, launched in 1957.

Why did they name sputnik?

The Russian word sputnik literally means "traveling companion" or "satellite".

What was the first Soviet spacecraft ever launched?

In Russian, the word 'Sputnik' is translated to the English word 'Satellite'.The actual name of the SATELLITE was 'Vostok' or 'Vostok 3KA'.

How much did the first man-made world satellite weigh?

The first artificial satellite, was the Russian Sputnik. It weighed 184 pounds. The first American satellite weighed only 1.8 pounds. The Russian's second satellite weighed about one ton.

Which flamboyant musician quit music in 1957 after seeing the Russian satellite Sputnik?

Little Richard

What is the original language of the word sputnik?

'Sputnik' is how the Russian word 'Cпутник' (Satellite) is written in English.

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