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The official symbol for milligrams is mg, and neither mG or Mg.

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Q: What is the SI unit for milligrams?
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Is international unit same as milligrams?

The SI (Systeme Internationale) unit for mass is kilogram.

There are grams and milligrams in a kilogram?

Grams and milligrams are fractions of a kilogram. A kilogram is the standard SI unit for mass

What is mg?

Milligram (mg) an SI unit of mass, 1/1,000th of a gram (base unit of mass)Megagram (Mg) an SI unit of mass 106 of a gramit is the element Magnesium

What SI unit would be used to measure the volume of a gold coin?


What unit do you measure mass by?

Mass is measured in kilograms. It can also be measured in grams , milligrams etc.

Compare grams to milligrams?

This question refers to derivations of the SI unit of mass of the kilogram. 1000 grams comprise a kilogram. 1000 milligrams comprise a gram.

Which unit should you use to measure the weight of a peanut?

the measurement of the peanut should be done in milligrams. but one would have to to give the answer in the SI unit which in this case would be kg.

Mass is commonly measured in?

The SI unit for mass is grams. Multiples of grams are also used, such as kilograms (kg), milligrams (mg), etc.

What unit is more precise centigrams or milligrams?


What is the basic SI unit of length?

I believe that it will be meter. SI unit goes by 10's. what is the sI unit for lengthThe basic SI unit of length is meter.the basic si unit of lenght is metric.The SI base unit for length is meter. For temperature, the SI base unit is kelvin.

Is Fahrenheit a proper si unit of measurement?

There is none. Fahrenheit is not an SI unit.

Is ounce an SI base unit?

No, it isn't even an SI unit. The SI unit for mass is the kilogram. The SI unit for volume is the cubic meter.