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What is the shape of jasmine flower?

Each flower has between four and nine petals, four ovules and two locules. They have two stamens brandishing extremely short filaments, with linear or ovate bracts, with a bell-shaped calyx. Jasmine flowers also boast fruits in the shape of berries that change to black when ripe.

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Q: What is the Shape of anther in jasmine?
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What is the shape of anther in hibiscus flower?

kidney shape

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What is jasmine villegas's face shape?

Roundish and ovalish

What is the shape of a jasmine flower?

Think of an overly used, yeast infected vagina. Boom....Jasmine flower....

What is the shape of Jasmine Flowers?

Think of an overly used, yeast infected vagina. Boom....Jasmine flower....

How does a jasmine flower reproduce?

biologicaly they form int he shape

Does a sunflower have an anther?

yes, all flowers have a anther obviously if it does not a anther then its not a flower

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Which part of a flower produces pollen?

Pollen is produced in the Anther(s) of the plant; the anther and the filament (the portion which holds the anther) form what is know as the stamenThe stamen is the part of the flower that makes pollen. The anther is the part of the flower that holds the pollen grains.

What is anther pollen?

the pollen is the mobile part of an anther,so on reproduction & fertilisation it is the pollen that moves,not the anther.

What are the parts of stamen?

anther and phelement

What is a part of a flower that makes pollen?

The stamen consists of a filament and an anther. The filament holds the anther and the anther contains the pollen.

A sentence for anther?

The anther is the pollen bearing part of the stamen

What does anther do for a flower?

the anther is a type of flower that has a stem and leaves

Does the jasmine flower come in a violet color?

I live in Spain & have just bought a violet coloured Jasmine plant from the local garden centre. Its description was Jasminum Violeta.It is a beautiful plant with very dark green leaves & it has lots of buds on it. The flower itself is similar to the white Jasmine but not as many in the clusters.The leaves are not at all like the white Jasmine plant that I own,but look to be evergreen & more like the shape of the yellow Winter Jasmine.

What does the anther do in a plant?

AntherThe anther is the part of the flower that holds the pollen. This and the filament both make up the stamen.anther generally has four pollen sacs in a dithecous anther and in a monothecous anther like that of hibiscus there are 2 pollen sacs and each pollen sacs hold a microsporangium which produces pollen grains that how anther plays a main role in the development of pollen grains

What is the anther of the flower?

The anther is a part of the flower that has the pollen. It is part of the stamen.

What are the yellow powdery in the anther?

pollen grains are the yellow powdery in the anther.

What nicknames did Jasmine Shaye go by?

Jasmine Shaye went by Jasmine Grey, and Jasmine Shaye.

What is the place where pollen develops and is stored called?

Pollen is produced on the anther. The anther is supported by a long filament. The filament and anther together is called the stamen.

What is jasmine tea made from?

Jasmine Tea is made from Jasmine flowers. The most common Jasmine plants that are used for jasmine tea and other jasmine based products are blossoms from common jasmine (Jasminum officinale) or sampaguita (Jasminum sambac). If you want to buy best jasmine tea, I would recommend you UsTwoTea.

What does JASMINE mean JASMINE means beuty?

jasmine means a beautiful flower also theirs rice called jasmine.

Difference between stamen and an anther?

The stamen and anther are both parts of a flower. The difference between them is that the stamen is the male organ of the flower and the anther is where pollen is produced.

What is the job of the anther?

The job of the anther is to produce pollen, the male gamete of a flower.

Is the anther in the male organ or the female organ in the plant?

Anther is the male organ.

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