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"Kings" is an English equivalent of "reyes."

The Spanish word is a masculine noun. Its plural definite article is "los" ("the"). Its plural indefinite article is "un" ("a, one").

The pronunciation is "REH-ehs."

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The name Rey means King. It comes from the king El Rey. He was a special king but nobody knows him except some people.

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Rey means King

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Q: What is the Spanish 'Reyes' in English?
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What is the Spanish 'los Reyes' in English?

It means "the kings".

What is the English translation of Reyes Magos?

The English translation for the words "reyes magos" is "wise men." Reyes magos is Spanish. There are many sites that will help with translations, from almost any language into English and vice versa.

Translation king of kings English to spanish?

King of Kings in Spanish is "Rey de Reyes".

Does Argenis Reyes speak English?

Yes, Argenis Reyes is a Spanish-speaking player who likely has some proficiency in English due to the multilingual nature of professional sports and living in English-speaking countries for games.

Name the 3 Spanish players to win the English premier league?

Pique, del horno,Reyes

How do you say Reyes in English?

Reyes means kings.

What is 'merienda de reyes' when translated from Spanish to English?

"Snack (supper, tea) of kings" is a literal English equivalent of the Spanish phrase merienda de reyes. The pronunciation of the words -- which reference the important celebratory meal honoring the Three Magi during the Christian Epiphany -- will be "mey-RYEN-da they REY-eys" in Spanish.

Which Spanish footballers have played for two top English premiership teams?

The two Spanish footballers to play in the top E.P.L. teams are Antonio Reyes for Arsenal and Fernando Torres for Liverpool and Chelsea.

How do you pronounce point Reyes?

Like "Rays." While it is true that Reyes is a Spanish last name, and the Point in particular was named in Spanish, so it might be expected that Reyes would be pronounced as [ray-ez], however Native Californians pronounce Reyes as "Rays" [rayz].

Is the name origen of Rei or Rey spanish?

It is said Rey (masculine) and Reina (feminine). Reyes (plural) It means 'king' (rey) or 'queen' (reina') in English

What other spellings are there for Reyes?

Other common spellings for Reyes include Reyas, Reyez, and Reis.

What is another name for Spanish monarchs?

Los reyes (catolicos)