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It's costarriqueños.

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Q: What is the Spanish name for the people of Costa Rica?
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What is Costa Rica's nickname in Spanish?

Costa Rica's nick name in Spanish in Pura Vida!

Name a country in Central America that speaks Spanish?

Costa Rica is a country in Central America where Spanish is the official language spoken by the majority of the population.

Where did the name Costa Rica come from?

Costa Rica in English means: Rich Coast It is called this way because when the Spanish got to Costa Rica (through the coast), it was very rich in gold, riches, and nature. That why its called Costa Rica (Rich Coast)

How do you spell Costa Rica in Spanish?

Costa Rica is already in spanish! Translated to English would be "Rich Cost" but we all know that is not how you say it. To pernounce Costa Rica is; cos-tah ree-kah

What is the official name of Costa Rica?

Republic of Costa Rica

What the shape of the land in Costa Rica?

There is no name for the shape of the land in costa rica.

Name capital city of Costa Rica?

San José is Costa Rica's capital.

When did Costa Rica get its name?

Because it has rich soil. Costa = Coast Rica = Rich.

What is 'Costa Rica' when translated from Spanish to Italian?

La (Repubblica di) Costa Rica for the country and la costa ricca for "the rich coast" are Italian equivalents of the Spanish feminine proper name Costa Rica. The respective pronunciations will be "la (rey-POOB-bee-la dee) KO-sta REE-ca" and "la KO-sta REEK-ka" in Italian.

How do you say rich port and rich coast in Spanish?

rich port= Puerto Rico and rich coast= Costa Rica ; just like the name of the countries that hold them, Puerto Rico and Costa Rica

What is the name of the first woman president of Costa Rica?

The first woman president of Costa Rica was Laura Chinchilla.

How Costa Rica got its name?

Costa Rica means literally "rich coast". When Christopher Columbus arrived to America, he though that he arrived to Asia. He was obsessed with Ptolomeus stories about places in India made of gold and stuff, so Christopher Columbus described Costa Rica as a place full of gold, then spanish started to call this part of America "la Costa Rica" (the rich coast). La Costa Rica was a bigger area, almost the whole caribben coast of central America, but country limits were gradually being modified, and Costa Rica got it's name after all of this changes until it became a country.