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Q: What is the Spanish word for Commander?
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Who was Commander Dewey?

Commander George Dewey was a U.S. naval commander who defeated the Spanish in Manila Bay during the Spanish American War.

Is commander an adverb?

No, the word commander is not an adverb.The word commander is in fact a noun.

What is an alcaid?

An alcaide is a governor or commander of a Spanish or Portuguese fortress or prison.

What is a sentence for the word commander?

My Grandpa is a Commander in the American Millitary.

Which naval commander destroyed the Spanish fleet during the Spanish-American War?

It was George Dewey.

What is a sentence using the word commander?

the commander Send The Soldiers To The War!

What is the name of a Spanish Naval leader in the Spanish-American war?

Admiral Patricio Montojo, Commander Naval Fleet Manila. Admiral Pascual Cervera, Commander Naval Fleet Cuba.

How do you make a sentence with the word commander in chief?

the commander of the usa is brack obama

What gun does the duck commander use?

Word has it that the duck commander uses a Benelli.

What is a good sentence for the word commander?

The commander ordered me to flank the machine gunner.

What is an alcayde?

An alcayde is a governor or commander of a Spanish or Portuguese fortress or prison.

Who was he commander of the Spanish American war that fired on the Spanish fleet in Manila Bay?

US Commodore George Dewey.