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Q: What is the Spanish word for coat?
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What does in Spanish abrigo?


What is hanging above the entryway of El Morro?

The spanish kings royal coat of arms The spanish kings royal coat of arms

What is the nickname for a Spanish soldier?

A Spanish soldier is called a Red Coat

How many syllables does the word coat has?

The word coat has one syllable.

How do you say 'coat' in spanish?

chequeta for jacket abrigo for big winter coat

What was represented on the spanish banner?

The coat of arms

What is the word in the word taco?

Coat is the word.

What is the English of batao?

Batao in Spanish means "Coat".

Morph the word shoe to the word coat?

Shoe - Sloe - Slot - Soot - Coot - Coat

What is a word for hang a coat on this?

The word is peg. Coat racks include pegs for hats and coats.

What is a four letter word for jacket?

coat lol coat

Is a coat a compound noun?

Is the word coat a compound noun?