Carbohydrates and Low-Carb Diets

What is the Suggested max sugar intake per day?

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40 g of sugar per day for a 2000 calorie diet.

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How many milligrams of sodium should a person intake each day?

2400 mg of sodium per day max.

How much sugar in Pepsi max?

there is no sugar in pepsi max but it has all those fake sugars and colorings

Does Pepsi max have sugar?


Can hamsters eat vegetables or fruits?

they eat both but vegetables and fruits are treats and the suggested amount of treats are max. 5 a day and remember you don't need to give them treats every day

How many teaspoons of sugar are in a 12oz bottle of Pepsi?

If it's Pepsi Max, then there is no sugar.

Max water intake per day?

Most experts agree that 8, 8 ounce bottles or glasses is plenty. This is for any weight and size. If you are exercising or in a hot climate, you may want to drink more.

What does guten tag max mean?

Guten Tag = Good Day "Max" is probably a name, so "Good day Max." Max COULD be short for "Maximum", which is the same in German as in English. But that wouldn't make sense in the circumstances.

Does 50mg of Adderall as the suggested prescribed max can be given several timesday or strictly onceday?

It can be taken in split doses but they will be weaker.

What is the max amount of water a person should drink a day?

there is no max. the more the better

What about may intake in Canada under spp programme?

For May Intake first of all you should have IELTS certificate of min. 5.5 band to max. 6.5 band. That's better for easy offer-letter process.there are only 2 colleges in this Intake. If you are preparing for IELTS than try for the September Intake. There are 20 colleges in this Intake.

What is safe intake of caffeine?

it depends on your age, health and status. During pregnancy, no more than 200 mg or so, about the amount of 2 cups a day. In general, 3 cups a day max is a safe amount, since caffeine contributes to osteoporosis, at all ages.

How many grams per day is considered max for cholesterol?

The average cholesterol intake should be around or below 300 milligrams of cholesterol per day. If you have been diagnosed with heart disease or cholesterol problems, you should aim to eat less than 200 grams of cholesterol per day.

How many calories in 250ml serving of Pepsi Max?

None, pepsi max, coke zero and diet coke all have 0 calories and 0 sugar

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What is the max amount of protein should an 80kg individual eat to build muscle?

the guide is 1.0 - 1.5 g of protein per kg of bodyweight i intake: 98kg * 1.5 = 147g of protein a day over 6-7 meals only intake upto 35g of protein in one go,otherwise it might hurt your kidney

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Nutrients in salt?

Salt is not a nutrient; but sodium, in a given amount (max. daily intake of 5 g NaCl), is indispensable for the organisms.

Can I increase my adderall xr dose from 30mg to 60mg?

Only as prescribed by physician. Mfg. recommended dosage, Adult max 60 mg/day; 6-12 year old max 30 mg/day; 13-17 year old max 40 mg/day

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