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What is the Ted Williams Model 200 really?

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I believe it was a Slide action pump shotgun ( 20 ga. ) made by J.Stevens for Sears. The one I saw was in 20 ga. but it did not say Ted Williams or Sears on it. The Blue Book of gun Values, says ( 20 ga. 3" chamber,5 shot tube ) ,circa 1910 Stevens Model 200 I have a Ted Williams model 200: 12 gauge shotgun. If you need some information please let me know. The Ted Williams Model 200 pump shotgun was made by Winchester,known as a contract gun, same as Winchester 1200, made in 12 and 20 gauge It is the Winchester 1200. Here is a cross reference chart that is pretty handy.

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What company manufactured the Ted Williams model 1200 shotgun?

The Sears Ted Williams 200 is a Winchester 1200.

Who manufactured the Ted Williams Model 200 Shotgun sold through Sears and Roebuck around 1969?

The Ted Williams 200 shotgun was manufactured by Winchester and was the same gun as their Model 1200.

Who made the Sears Ted Williams m 200 shotgun and can you get a barrel for one?

The Sears model 200 is a Winchester Model 1200.

Is there a slug barrel for Ted Williams model 200 20 gauge?

not a good one .

What name Brand is the Ted Williams model 200?

If its a pump shotgun its a Winchester 1200

Is there any pic of the ted Williams model 200 12ga shoot gun?


Ted williams model 53?

Your Ted Williams/sears model 53 is actually a winchester model 70 rifle.

What is the value of a Ted Williams Model 200?

My brother has a Ted Williams Model 200 12 gauge vari choke shot gun that was our dads. I asked about it at a local gun shop a few years back and was told at that time the gun was in average condition and was worth between 150 to 200 dollars . .

What is the value of 20 gauge sears ted Williams model 200 shotgun?

100-300 USD

What is the value of a Ted Williams Model 200 12 gauge serial number 273-15020 in excellent condition?

200 or so

What is the value of a 20 gage Ted Williams model 200 shotgun?

0-150 USD depending on condition

What is the value of a 12 gauge sears ted Williams model 200 shotgun?

100-260 US Dollars

Where is the serial number found on a ted Williams model 200 12 gague pump action rifle?


How much is a model 200 ted williams edition 12 gauge pump winchester worth?

175 USD

What Price is the 22 caliber Ted Williams Model 340530430?

What price is the 22 caliber ted Williams model. 340530430

How old is your ted Williams model 300 shotgun?

how old is my ted Williams model 300 shotgun with serial NUMBER273.2500

How do you find information on Ted Williams shotguns?

These were sold by Sears and Roebuck. The Model 300 is really a Winchester model 1400. SORT OF The Ted Williams 300 is basically a Winchester 1400, and the TW 200 is basically the Winchester 1200, but certain parts do NOT interchange. The buttstocks and trigger guards, for example. Here is a cross reference chart. It is correct that Sears had some exclusive features on the Ted Williams models. I have a Ted Williams 300 that has an adjustable choke that was not available on the Winchester 1400, for example.

Can you find information about a Ted Williams Model 300 semi-automatic shotgun from 1983?

This is really a Winchester model 1400.

What is the crossover number for a firing pin for ted Williams 100 model?

The Ted Williams model 100 was a Winchester model 1894 rifle.Use this model to order a new firing pin.

What is a ted Williams gun worth?

200 or so.

What is the value of a 20 gauge Sears 273.2310 Ted Williams Model 200?

Depending on condition and age, 75-250 USD

Can you please help me find the date of manufacture I have a Sears model 200 ted Williams 20 gauge pump shotgun The id?


When was the sears ted Williams model 300 number Q 41756?

when was the sears roebuck ted williams model 300 serial number q 41756 made

What is the value of a sears 12 gauge ted Williams model 66 auto with a 2 34 chamber?

In Excellent condition $200-250 It is a High Standard model actualy.

What is the value of a 12 gauge Ted Williams Model 200 shotgun?

The Sears 200 is a slightly modified Winchester 1200. Value in excellent condition is around $150.