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What is the UK equivalent to Clorox?

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Don't be fooled by brand names, bleach is bleach!

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What is Clorox?

Clorox is a brand for bleach

What is the population of Clorox?

The population of Clorox is 2,007.

What is the difference in Clorox and name brand bleach?

Bleach is Clorox. Clorox is the main brand of bleach.

What is Clorox made of?

"Clorox" is a company that makes numerous cleaning products. so to ask what clorox is made of is not a real question. clorox MAKES bleach, but that was not the question was it?

Is Clorox an acid?

No, Clorox(R) seems to me to be a bleaching base, though I couldn't get confirmation of it by the Clorox Co.

What is the pH of Clorox bleach?

Clorox has a ph of 12

Which is soap better Clorox or Downy?

i think clorox.

What company makes Clorox?

The Clorox Company makes Clorox. The Clorox Company makes other products too, like 409, Brita, Fresh Step, and Glad.

Can you use Clorox bleach for nail fungus?


Does Clorox neutralize roundup oder?

does roundup and clorox mix

Is Clorox a chemical?

Clorox is a chemical - sodium hypochlorite solution.

When was Clorox Building created?

Clorox Building was created in 1976.

What are the chemicals in Clorox?

Clorox is a chemical - sodium hypochlorite solution.

What elements does Clorox contain?

Chlorine is one of the main element in Clorox

PH value in Clorox?

The pH of regular Clorox bleach is 11.9

Is Clorox hazard to the health by smell?

Is Clorox hazard to health by smelling

Is the re an difference in bleach and Clorox?

No. Clorox is a trade name, but many store brands are made by Clorox as well, they just don't have the name.

What is the South African equivalent to UK qualifications?

south african T3 Refrigeration qualiification equivalent to UK qualifications

What are the ingredients used in bleach Clorox?

what is the strongest chemical between clorox and bleach

Will Clorox kill plants?

yes because Clorox is a very powerful chemical

Is Clorox acid or base?

Clorox bleach is an alkaline base, with a pH of about 12.

How come your vagina has a Clorox or ammonia smell?

why does my vagina smells like clorox

Which works better Clorox or Lysol? is pure bleach with no other additives.

Can Clorox make a nail rust?

Yes ,Clorox can make a nail rust.

Does Clorox take the color out of clothes?

Clorox is a bleach and will take the color out of clothes.