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i would go and ask the local police officer and i would think he would no im not totaly sure about the guns laws out in UK ( i live in the U.S)

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Q: What is the UK law on silencers for air soft rifles?
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Can convicted felons own or possess bb guns or air rifles in LA?

By federal law, no.

Does Pennsylvania allow silencers for firearms?

No. Silencers are against federal law, so no state law can over ride it. ------ Actually, that is incorrect. Suppressors (silencers) are quite legal in the US. Federal law restricts them, but does not prohibit them. The federal requirements are not difficult to meet. Checking PA state law it appears that suppressors are also quite legal in that state so long as you comply with the federal requirements.

Do you need apermit to buy a bb gun in new zealand?

Yes you do. Also a recent law requires all owners of PCP air rifles to register them. ( High powered air rifles.) See the link below.

What are the laws regarding air rifles in Nassau County NY?

You will have to contact the local law enforcement to get a correct and current answer.

What is the Virginia state requirement for silencers for firearms?

No Virginia restrictions, but you must comply with Federal law.

Are silencers illegal in Oregon?

Silencers are regulated by the Federal Government and require BATF approval. Oregon does not ban the possession of silencers, IF, the person in possession has the required federal approval.Keep in mind, that in order to own one of these devices, you need permission from you local chief law enforcement agent.

Is a black air soft gun legal to walk with on the street?

Providing you are not violating a local or state law, yes.

Is it a state law that you have to be 18 or older to use an air soft gun?

yes same as having to be 21 to drink alcohol

Will Kansas allow a gun silencer?

According to what I found (a cursory search on the internet) silencers are legal in Kansas as of sometime in 2007 or 2008. Silencers are still regulated by federal law. To purchase one legally, you must go through a class 3 dealer.

What does f.a.c. mean with air rifles?

It could mean one of two things "FireArms Certificate" in Canada or United Kingdom "FireArms Certificate" in England. It's a Certificate from Law enforcement to own a high powered air rifle

Are silencers legal in PA both rifle and handgun?

Yes, provided you have complied with the FEDERAL law regarding suppressors. This is governed by 18 PA.C.S.§ 908.

Is there a law that sets an age limit on the use of air rifles that shoot bb's in the state of Va?

No. You must be 18 to purchase a BB Gun or Rifle. But the use is up to the parents discretion.