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What is the UN doing to help refugees?

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How do the UN help refugees?

un is not impressive power for country.but you can connect

How do you use pitifully in a sentence?

As an adverb - The lack of UN funds made the attempt to help the refugees pitifully inadequate .

How are refugees treated in Australia?

According to UN & international conventions & agreements.

How is the united nation connected with refugees?

united nation connected they help refugees comps

How do refugees help?

by u helping it.

How do humanitarians help refugees?

They get them to safety

How can you help refugees?

go to kids aginst hunger AND HELP=)

How can we help refugees?

You cannot directly help refugees, but can give to charitys to help their wellbeing, you could expect a certain standard of the treatment to a refugee in a EU country anyway.

What did Sophia Loren contribute to society?

She served in a advisory capacity to the UN High Commissioner on Refugees.

What has the UN helped with?

The United Nations, UN, is an international organization. The organization has assisted globally to curb hunger, improve drinking water, and assist refugees.

Is there a UN refugee camp in Dakar Senegal?

There is no a UN refugees camp in Dakar Senegal. Those saying that are just trying to find ways of scamming!

How did nations around the world help Jewish refugees who were left without homes at the end of World War 2?

Some nations opened their borders for Jewish refugees to come in and start a new life. Also, member nations of the UN facilitated the establishment of Israel as the nation state of the Jews.

What is the email address of the United Nations Refugee Rehabilitations department?

Below is a link to the Contact Us page for the United Nations High Commission on Refugees/UN Refugee Agency - perhaps they can help.

How did the movement of Jewish refugees help the Germans to justify the belief that they were inferior?

Possibly because no country would take the refugees.

Who helped these refugees try and escape from the Nazis how did they help?

Anyone could help refugees try to escape. Many people did too. They helped by saving some of them but others died.

What can we do to help refugees?

I go to Jesuit High School in Sac, Cal, and we were contacted by the JRS/USA (look it up) to write a play about refugees and their struggles to help raise awareness. The play is going to be sent to Jesuit high schools and colleges around the world to be used. That's just what we're doing; there are tons of other things that you can do also.

How do refugees get to other countries?

Help Of Some Diffrent organigation.

Do a refugee travel document UN Geneva convention on refugees 1951 issiued in Italy need visa to Canada?


In the Korean war why did the UN call for help?

The S.Koreans asked for the UN help.

What has the UN done to help people with poverty?

The UN Help By Giving Them food

Did liberal party help the refugees?

The Liberal Party did help the Indonesian to get to Australia but they don't want to help the Malaysian.

How do you say 'I am doing a project and I need help' in Spanish?

Estoy haciendo un proyecto y necesito ayuda

Why do you have refugee camps?

to help refugees and to make less people die

What is refugees resettlement?

In many countries that take refugees, they have schemes where groups are brought to parts of the country and given the help they need to settle in their new country.

At the end of World War II how did nations around the world help Jewish refugees who were left without homes?

Jewish refugees were given a homeland in Palestine.