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cause your gay

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oh just shagging

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Q: What is the UN doing to help refugees?
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How do the UN help refugees?

The UNHCR is a part of the UN which is devoted to helping refugees

How do you use pitifully in a sentence?

As an adverb - The lack of UN funds made the attempt to help the refugees pitifully inadequate .

What has Angelina Jolie done to help people?

She's a Goodwill Ambassador for the UN's UNHCR (United Nations High Commissions for Refugees)

How are refugees treated in Australia?

According to UN & international conventions & agreements.

How do refugees help?

by u helping it.

How do humanitarians help refugees?

They get them to safety

How is the united nation connected with refugees?

united nation connected they help refugees comps

How can we help refugees?

You cannot directly help refugees, but can give to charitys to help their wellbeing, you could expect a certain standard of the treatment to a refugee in a EU country anyway.

What did Sophia Loren contribute to society?

She served in a advisory capacity to the UN High Commissioner on Refugees.

What country produces the most refugees?

According to the 2011 UN's High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) report, Afghanistan continues to be the prime country with the most refugees. Pakistan, Iran and the Syrian Arab Republic follow closely behind.

What has the UN helped with?

The United Nations, UN, is an international organization. The organization has assisted globally to curb hunger, improve drinking water, and assist refugees.

Is there a UN refugee camp in Dakar Senegal?

There is no a UN refugees camp in Dakar Senegal. Those saying that are just trying to find ways of scamming!

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