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Volume of rectangle is 0

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A rectangle, being a 2-dimensional figure, cannot have a volume. The volume of a cuboid with sides of length 14.5 in, 21 in and 7.5 in is 14.5 * 21 * 7.5 = 2283.75 cubic inches ( = 1.32 cu ft, approx)

Simple. The volume of a rectangle is 0. A rectangle is a two dimensional shape and therefore cannot have a volume.

The volume of a rectangle is 0. It is a 2-dimensional object and so has no volume.

A rectangle has no volume, it is a 2 dimensional object.

Beaker - measuring volume of the solution Measuring cylinder - measuring volume

Measuring Pipette is for small amount of volume only.Graduated Cylindrers is for measuring large amount of volume.

The volume of a rectangle is always 0, as a rectangle is a two-dimensional object.

Yes, a measuring cylinder is used for measuring volume. It is called a graduated cylinder

Not possible ! A rectangle is a two-dimentional shape. Volume is a measure of capacity.

With great difficulty because a rectangle is a 2 dimensional shape which does not have a volume.

Decibels are the scale used for measuring the volume of sounds.

To calculate the volume of a rectangle, you must multiply the length, the width, and the height--so the volume depends on the dimensions.

The volume of a rectangle (or any other 2D object) is always zero. An object needs to be 3D to have volume.

- measuring the dimensions and calculating the volume after - immersion of the object in water (if it is possible) and measuring the volume of the displaced water

By measuring it in a measuring cylinder or beaker or some container of a known volume.

for measuring the volume of liquids

You can't because a rectangle is a 2 dimensional shape which does not have a volume.

The length of the diagonal of a rectangle with adjacent sides measuring 820cm and 1200cm is about 1453.4cm

Yes. For instance, the rectangle measuring 1 by 10 has a perimeter of 22 and an area of 10, whereas the rectangle measuring 4 by 4 has a perimeter of 16 and an area of 16.

Of a solid, measuring the quantity of fluid displaced by the object should suffice. Of a liquid, measuring its volume with a measuring cylinder or similar. Of a gas, measuring its mass or volume under conditions of standardized temperature and pressure

The measuring apparatus that can measure volume of liquids is graduated cylinder.

to measure volume the object must be three dimensional. the purpose of measuring the volume of an area is to know its capacity

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