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hat's the abbreviation for Quarterback

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Q: What is the abbreviation for Quarterback?
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How do you spell QB?

The abbreviation QB is "quarterback" -- normally the leader of the offense in US football. In the UK, the abbreviation stands for "Queen's Bench" (a high civil court).

Who was the quarterback?

Doug Flutie played at quarterback until he was 43. George Blanda stopped at quarterback at 42 and kicked until he was 48.

What is an RE in football?

RE is a abbreviation of for Right End and there job is to rush the passer, the quarterback, or tackle the running back or tailback before he can gain positive yardage.

Present tense of you sacked the quarterback?

You sack the quarterback or you are sacking the quarterback.

Is there roughing the quarterback if he drop kicks?

If the quarterback were to drop kick he would become a kicker and not a quarterback. The roughing the quarterback penalty would change to roughing the kicker.

What is the abbreviation for an associate's degree?

The abbreviation is AAS.The abbreviation is AAS.The abbreviation is AAS.The abbreviation is AAS.The abbreviation is AAS.The abbreviation is AAS.

Who is faster a quarterback or a defensive linemen?

Quarterback is faster

Who is the quarterback of msu?

Kirk Cousins is the quarterback for msu

What ai abbreviation for abbreviation?

The abbreviation for abbreviation is "abbr."

What quarterback got stuck with the given name yelberton Abraham?

The quarterback was Yelberton Abraham Tittle (Y.A. for short). He was the quarterback for the New York Giants.

What was the quarterback position called before it was called a quarterback?


When did Quarterback Attack happen?

Quarterback Attack happened in 1995.