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The abbreviation for Marketing is MKTG. Kind regards, VM

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Q: What is the abbreviation for marketing?
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What is the abbreviation of the word marketing?

The abbreviation for marketing according to is MKTG

Abbreviation for marketing?


Abbreviation of marketing?


What is the abbreviation of the word sales and marketing?

I was actually searching for the sales abbreviation when i found that question so I don't know it, but for the Marketing, I always use MKTG

What is the abbreviation of development?

Devel. is the abbreviation for development. You can use this when you are referring to developing a marketing campaign in a report.

What does the abbreviation 'BMNY' stand for?

Blade Marketing New York

What is the abbreviation for distribution?

The abbreviation for distribution is dist. Distribution is one of the four elements of marketing. It is making a product available for use.

How do you write your signature with a master of science in marketing degree?

Typically, it is: John Smith M.S. There does not appear to be an abbreviation specific to marketing.

What does the abbreviation WOMMA stand for?

The acronym WOMMA stands for 'word of mouth marketing association'. It is the leading association in utilising social media and word of mouth marketing.

What is the Deference between e marketing and e commerce?

E-commerce, which is an abbreviation of electronic commerce, generally refers to export, import, sales and shopping performed using the internet. E-marketing or electronic marketing refers to online advertising, such as digital campaigns, social media marketing or email marketing.

What is SEM used for?

SEM is an abbreviation. The person above ghave another mewaning, but I have instantly thoiugh about search engine marketing - one of the practices that is used in online marketing.

Abbreviation for associate's degree in applied science?

The abbreviation is AAS.The abbreviation is AAS.The abbreviation is AAS.The abbreviation is AAS.The abbreviation is AAS.The abbreviation is AAS.

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