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Q: What is the abbreviation for regarding?
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What does the abbreviation Re stand for?

Re means "regarding".

What does abbreviation Re stand for?

Re: regarding or in reference too

What is the proper use of the abbreviation for regarding?

"re:" followed by subject content.

What does RE stands for in a letter?

The term re usually is an abbreviation for the word regarding.

What does DLA mean regarding credit?

You're probably referring to the abbreviation for Date of Last Activity

What is WDW an abbreviation for?

WDW is most commonly used as an abbreviation for Walt Disney World in Florida. Although it could have other applications such as Worm Dragon Wing an online game it most often used regarding Disney.

Decode ACTA regarding travel?

ACTA is the abbreviation for the Association of Canadian Travel Agencies. ACTA was established in 1977 and is a non-profit organization.

What does the abbreviation CBT means in gay adds?

It's regarding S&M and stands for c*ck and ball torture.

What does IFR stand for in a French address?

Regarding the mail delivery system, IFR hasn't any meaning. This isn't a French postal code or abbreviation. That could probably be part of the name of the business you are writing to, or an internal abbreviation privvy to the sendee.

What does R M T S stand for regarding steam ferries?

Are you sure it has anything to do with ferries?. Normally R.M.T.S was the abbreviation for the Royal Mail Turbine Steamers.

What is the abbreviation for an associate's degree?

The abbreviation is AAS.The abbreviation is AAS.The abbreviation is AAS.The abbreviation is AAS.The abbreviation is AAS.The abbreviation is AAS.

What is the meaning of the abbreviation 'FTM' regarding transgender?

FTM is an abbreviation that stands for "Female-to-Male" and refers to transgender individuals. This means a person who was born genetically female but has transitioned -- or is in the process of transitioning -- to live as a male. Testosterone injections and surgeries may be a part of this transition.