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/mo or /months

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Q: What is the abbreviation for the word per month?
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What is the abbreviation for word month in Oxford English Dictionary?

is it mo. ?

What is the abbreviation of month?

Mon.The abbreviation of month is written as mth. Writing or typing abbreviations of words is useful when taking notes, as it is quicker than writing out the whole word.

What is the abbreviation for months?

The abbreviation for the singular month is mo. The abbreviation for the plural months is mos.

What does the abbreviation oct mean?

The abbreviation Oct is short for the month of October. October was named after the Roman emperor Octavus, and based on the Latin word for the number eight, as October was the eighth month in the Roman calendar.

What is the category of the abbreviated word Mar?

It's an abbreviation for the month of March. Gary - Churchville, MD

What is the abbreation of month?

Mo is the correct abbreviation of month if used in a singular form. Mos. is the plural abbreviation of month.

Abreviasions for example?

WORD: incorporation ABBREVIATION: inc. WORD: avenue ABBREVIATION: ave. WORD: doctor ABBREVIATION: Dr. WORD: community ABBREVIATION: com. WORD: organization ABBREVIATION: org. WORD: abbreviation ABBREVIATION: abbr.

What is the root word for quasar?

There is no root word per se. The word quasar is an abbreviation for quasi-stellar radios source.

What is the abbreviation for the word word?

Word is the abbreviation 4 word

What the abbreviation for month?


Who introduced percent symbol?

The symbol: % comes from an Italian abbreviation of their word, per cento

How do you use the word abbreviation in a sentence?

Why is there no abbreviation for June? (because there is no abbreviation for month names that are 4 letters or less) You can use an abbreviation when you add state names after city names. The abbreviation for avenue can be made in two acceptable ways.