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Computer is neither an abbreviation, acronym, nor initialism. Computer is a simple noun, meaning a person or machine that computes.
PC (Personal Computer).

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Q: What is the abbreviation of the COMPUTER?
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What is abbreviation of computer-?

The abbreviation of the word computer is simply pc.

Del is abbreviation for?

On computer keypads it's the abbreviation for delete.

What is the abbreviation most often used to describe personal computer?

A personal computer is commonly known by the abbreviation P.C.

Abbrivation of computer?

A common abbreviation is "PC" - for Personal Computer.

What does PC mean for a computer?

PC is an abbreviation for "Personal Computer".

Abbreviation of LOGO in computer?

LOGO abbrivation in computer science

What is the abbreviation of EB in computer?


Abbreviation and definition of virus computer?

definition of a computer virus definition of a computer virus

How do you abbreviate the word computer?

PC is an abbreviation for personal computer 'puter is slang for computer

What is the Abbreviation for return?

On a computer keyboard it is RTN

What is troj?

Troj is the abbreviation for a computer Trojan.

What abbreviation stands for personal computer?


What does the abbreviation PC stand for?

Personal Computer.

Which computer term is an abbreviation for kilobyte?


What is the abbreviations of VCR of computer?

The abbreviation of VCR is...

What does au and Cg Stand for?

Au is the chemmical abbreviation for gold.CG is an abbreviation for computer graphics.

What is the abbreviation of Installed?

There is no abbreviation for "installed". However "installer" is often shortened to INST in computer file names.

What does CAL stand for in general?

CAL is generally an abbreviation for calories. It can also be an abbreviation for computer assisted learning.

What is M in computer?

'Computer' isn't an abbreviation for anything, it is a machine that calculates and 'computes' information.

Is the abbreviation for the place in the computer where the programs and data the computer is currently using are stored?


What is the GNU abbreviation in computer field?

GNU's Not Unix

What does the abbreviation IT mean in computer science?

Information Technology

What does the abbreviation cnc stand for?

Computer numerical control

What does the following abbreviation mean CG?

Computer Graphics

What is abbreviation of BMP in computer?

BMP = Bit MaP