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Q: What is the accent mark for bano?
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How do you say sliding door in Spanish?

i take spanish class so you can trust me on this: door = puerta bathroom = bano with an accent mark over the n door in the bathroom would be: puerta en el bano( accent mark over n_

What is bath room in spanish?

el bano (the n has an accent above it so its pronounced "el bon-yo"

What is the accent mark for fomidable?

there is no accent mark on the word formidable

What do you call the punctuation mark used in French spelling?

The accent mark over this letter é is an acute accent. The accent mark over this letter è is a grave accent. The accent mark over this letter ê is a circumflex accent. The mark under this letter ç is a cedilla.

What is if in Spanish?

if = si (withOUT the accent mark) yes = Sí (with the accent mark)

Does television have an accent mark in spanish?

No. Now, if you spell it out as "televisión", you do use an accent mark.

Does the word mesa have an accent?

If you are talking about an accent mark called the 'accute accent', then no. It does not.

Is it correct to say ''Puérto Rico'' with an accent mark above the e or ''Puerto Rico'' with no accent mark?

The accent is normally omitted in English.

Where is the accent in frecuencia?

The accent in frequencia is on the i. If there is ever anything that ends in "-ia", the i has an accent mark.

Is there an accent mark in si?

There is an accent if you're saying yes.

What has the author Bano Begum written?

Bano Begum has written: 'Bano beauty polar'

Where is the accent mark on the word arithmetic?

The English word "arithmetic" carries no accent mark. The equivalent Spanish word 'aritmetica' has an accent over the 'e'.