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Well you could use the latin word for brave which is Amimus. And the latin word for heart which is Cor.

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Q: What is the accusative case for the Latin word of brave?
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What does accusative mean in latin?

If you are looking for the meaning of accusative in latin my competance is not good enough, but if you are looking for just the word in latin it is accusativus

What is the accusative of pictor in latin?

The accusative word for Pictor in latin is Picturam.

What the latin word for man?

vir (in the nominative case) and vim in the accusative case) Both 3rd declension nouns

What does mercatorem mean?

mercatorem is the accusative case version of the latin word mercator meaning merchant.

What does 'naturam' mean?

The word 'naturam' is the form of the Latin word 'natura' in the accusative case. A word in the accusative case is called the direct object, because it is on the receiving end of the direct action of the verb. The English equivalent of the word 'naturam' is the following: nature. And the Latin pronunciation is as follows: nah-TOO-rahm.

What does the latin word fundos mean?

fundos- farms. (plural, 2nd person, accusative case [noun].)

What does magistram mean in latin?

Magistram is the accusative singular form of the word magistra, which means "mistress." The accusative case is used for direct objects and for the objects of certain prepositions such as ad ("to") and apud ("near; at the home of").

What is the accusative form of the Latin word matr?

You must mean the word mater (there is no matr). The accusative singular of this is matrem; the accusative plural matres.

What latin word means boy?

puer means boy in the nominative case (singular). pueri means boy as well in the nominative case (plural). puerum means boy in the accusative case (singular). pueros means boy in the accusative case (plural)

What does the Latin word 'fustem' mean?

Latin is a language that uses case endings to show the relationship of the parts of speech to the verb and to the rest of the sentence. The Latin word 'fustem' is in the accusative case, as a direct object. It meaning is club, cudgel, staff or stick.

What is 'To the stars at all costs' in Latin?

Ad astra per aspera is the Latin equivalent of 'To the stars at all costs'. In the word by word translation, the preposition 'ad' means 'to'. The noun 'astra', in the accusative case, means 'the stars'. The preposition 'per' means 'by, through'. The noun 'aspera', in the accusative case, means 'roughnesses, rough places'.

What is the accusative of the word cubliculum?

The accusative of the word "cubiculum" in Latin is "cubiculum." This is because "cubiculum" is a neuter noun in the second declension, which means that the accusative form is the same as the nominative form.