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What is the action replay code for the island tickets on Pokemon emerald?


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this action replay code let you buy eon ticket and mystic ticket at a Pokemon mart. cff34abfb51248a9f7e323e217a5cca3c2d1840a9f6b65c1 and the action replay code for old sea map and aurora ticket is cff34abfb51248a98f575f429fecd9741584dfb442758518. Use one code at a time. For example: use the eon and mystic ticket code first. Then, when you have bought the tickets turn the code off and use the old sea map and aurora ticket code.

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You get secret island tickets in Emerald by going to special events held in real life by Nintendo.

If you participated during an event (and events are long over) you could have gotten island tickets. You can buy these tickets on places like ebay. You can also mix records with a friend who used tickets and the tickets will appear in your mystery gifts.

there is no bellington island in Pokemon emerald

the first island in emerald is battle frontier

you can only warp to the southern island in Emerald version if that's what you meant. You'd need a Gameshark for Emerald version.

There isn't a third island in Pokemon emerald.

you need to have a special ticket of event. the only way to get all specials tickets is:cheating or trading

Cinnabar Island where the burnt down Pokemon mansion is found is not available in Pokemon Emerald. This location is available in Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen.

Pokemon Emerald: Birth Island Pokemon Sapphire: Trade from Pokemon FireRed, LeafGreen, or Emerald. Pokemon Ruby: Trade from Pokemon FireRed, LeafGreen, or Emerald.

Answerconect with a friend.then u can get different tickets to different islands like moon island

ticketsyou cant use the tickets in Pokemon firered you need to trade the ticket to Pokemon emerald and go to slateport city to the ship and give the ticket to the men there the mystic ticket get you to the faraway island there you get mew and aurora ticket get you to birth island there you get deoxys you CAN get them on FireRed, but it was done in a Nintendo event like 4 years ago, so you'll have to use Gameshark or Action Replay. Faraway Island (the only legitimate place in all the games to get Mew) is exlusive to Emerald but on FireRed you can use the Aurora Ticket to get to Birth Island to get Deoxys and the MysticTicket to get to Navel Rock which is where you get Ho-oh AND Lugia.

its an island in Pokemon emerald that rarelt ever shows up and its called mirage island

U can only get a ticket for faraway island,and u can ONLY get it via a Nintendo Event or Gameshark,action replay etc.

It is in a island called festival island

in Pokemon emerald is there another way to get the skill tag than on mirage island

mirage island mirage island mirage island mirage island

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