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Q: What is the active ingredients in Permanent markers?
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How can you prove how permanent are permanent markers?

If you look at the scientific name for them (permanent markers) you'll notice that, by name, they're permanent; thus making them permanent. The fact that they are permanent is best shown by the fact that they are called "Permanent Markers."

What element is used in permanent markers?

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Are Mr. Sketch markers magic markers?

Both are brand names for permanent markers.

Where might one go to purchase permanent markers?

Permanent markers are available for purchase from many different types of stores. Walmart, Target, Office Depot, Staples, and Michaels all sell permanent markers.

How do you print on glassware?

There are permanent markers and you can use most paints to print on glassware. The permanent markers are Fabrico brand and are easy to use.

Ingredients in marks-a-lot marker?

Like most permanent markers Alchohol and colored liquid.They contain alchohol,ethylene glycol monolingual ether ,and polychrome ink

Can water be used to remove stains of permanent markers?

Water is not able to remove permanent markers - a special solvent would need to be used.

Are permanent markers soluble in ethanol?

Yes they are.

How do you get rid of stains on clothes from permanent markers?

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How do you blackening plastic buttons?

Have you tried permanent markers?

What makes a permanent marker permanent?

Permanent markers are made to be water resistant and they contain xylene and toluene. Permanent markers write on a variety of surfaces and they come in many tip sizes, shapes, and colors. Spray paint and permanent markers are very similar giving off volatile organic compounds. Sharpies are the safest brand of permanent markers to use.

How many sharpie permanent markers sold in 2009?