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What is the actual size of Mars?


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The actual size in diameter of Mars is about one half the size of the earth. It is about 4,222 miles in diameter at the equator.


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the size of mars is 1,432 miles

Mars is approximately half the size of the Earth.

what is the size of mars the size of mars is 4,217

The order of Mercury ,Venus and Mars by size is: Mercury ,Mars and Venus

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Whats the size of mars in kilometer? The answer is 6,752 great answer right.

Comparing diameters, Mars is about 53% the size of Earth. So, the volume of Mars is about 15% of Earth.

Yes, Mars is almost exactly half the size of Earth as it is 0.533 times the size.

Mars is the second smallest by size. Only Mercury is smaller.

Press Ctrl + 1 on your keyboard or from View>Actual Size

There are no bacteria or viruses on mars.

Mars has a similar size to the Earth. There may be life on Mars. Actually, the Earth is almost twice the size of Mars (1.88 --> 1). Venus is much closer to the size of Earth (1.05 --> 1)

There is no actual answer to why there is water on mars.And we only think there is because of satellite images that we have seen

It depends what size you would call normal, but Mars is about the same size as Earth.

The planet Mars is 7th in the rank in size.

The diameter of Mars is 6796 km at the equator.

Mars is about twice as big as the Moon.

Mars is smaller than Earth.

Mars' diameter is 6,792.4 kilometers.

Earth is about twice the size of Mars. The radius from core to surface of Mars is 3396km whereas the radius from core to surface of Earth is 6371km.

Earth is roughly twice the size of Mars.

no it is not. Mars is actually ranked 7th by size.

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