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Q: What is the adjective if beating?
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Is beat an adjective?

Only informally, to mean tired, from beaten (the past participle of the verb to beat).Beat is a verb with several related uses, or a noun used especially in music.

Is beating a noun?

Yes, the word 'beating' is a noun called a gerund, the present participle of a verb (to beat) that functions as a noun in a sentence.The present participle of a verb also functions as an adjective.Examples:She was beating the egg whites to add to the batter. (verb)It's an old fashioned device used for the beating of rugs. (noun)The boy was amazed to hear the beating heart through the doctor's stethoscope. (adjective)

How do you spell whaoping?

The word is likely one of these :WHOPPING (slang adjective) - large, substantialWHOOPING (from to whoop) - making loud vocal noises, shoutingWALLOPING (from to wallop) - hitting, beating

How do you spell deafness?

The verb and adjective associated with sound are to deafen and deafening (very loud).The similarly-spelled word defeating means conquering or beating.

Is beating good for children in schools?

Beating is not going for any children. Beating children is harmful for the children

How did Luke Bryan sister Die?

Her heart stopped beating.

What can happen if you compress on a heart that is beating?

If its beating normally, It can stop.

When was Beating of Hearts created?

Beating of Hearts was created in 1983.

What is beating in French?

frapper ANSWER. Beating in French means : battre, batonner, donner des coups de baton. Some idiom with beating: To get a beating : etre batonnè, etre puni. It will take some beating: Il sera difficile de dépasser

Is there a difference in beating around the bush and beating about the bush?

The meaning would be the same, but most people say beating around the bush.

Regular beating in the arteries coused by the contraction of the heart?

beating in the arteries

What is the duration of Beating the Game?

The duration of Beating the Game is 1200.0 seconds.