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Q: What is the administrative centre of the City of London called?
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What is London city hall used for?

City Hall is the administrative headquarters for London.

Which is the Business Centre of London?

London doesn't really have an obviously demarcated CBD. The City of London is a one-square mile area in central-east London that is the financial centre of the city.

What represents a capital city?

A country's capital city is where the government and administrative centre is situated.

Where is westfild?

west field is a big shopping centre in London Stafford which is now called Stafford city.

What does it exactly mean to say Greater London or Greater Taichung etc?

When a location is referred to as "Greater [City]," it typically encompasses the city itself along with its surrounding areas and suburbs. This term is used to define a larger administrative region that includes the core city and its neighboring urban and rural areas.

Which London airport is in the center of London?

London City airport is nearest to the US embassy in London.

What is mostly in the City of London?

The City of London is the financial centre of London and there is virtually no residential accommodation within the 'square mile'.

How many miles from luton airport to London city centre?

What is the distance from Edingburgh Internatinal Airport to the city centre

What is the centre of London?

The Mansion House in the City of London (Square Mile) is the centre of modern London. However, road distances are measured from Charing Cross , the south side of Trafalgar Square (Nelson's Column). These two locations are about 2 miles apart.

How far is Emerald GAA grounds from London city?

It is about 16 miles from the centre of London.

Is London a city or state province?

The City of London is one tiny municipality in the centre of the metropolis. London Region is made up of 32 London Boroughs. The London Region has an assembly (called the GLA) similar in powers to the Welsh assembly. London is the only region of England to have an elected assembly.

How many miles from Gatwick to London city centre?

About 35