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What is the advantages of chemistry?

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Chemistry has so many uses in our daily lives that we could barely survive without it. Chemistry knowledge and methods are used to make: Detergents, Drugs and medicines, Textiles, Dyes and pigments and Fertilisers, to name only a few products.

See the Related Links for "Chemistry in Everyday Life" to the left for the answer.

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Q: What is the advantages of chemistry?
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Can i have ten advantages of chemistry and the advantages of each?

air plane is made up of aluminum and aluminum is the element of chemistry.. by bilawal ali dhakan

What are the advantages of nano chemistry?

Some one please answer.

How knowledge the chemistry of the mother?

to know the advantages of the food she buy.

What is advantages of chemistry in daily lives?

medicines, water, food ,etc

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using chemiluminescence?

The phenomenon of chemiluminescence is largely used in analytical chemistry.

Advantages and disadvantages of chemistry?

Advantage of Chemistry is that it is fun to see experiments while the main disadvantage is that you need to learn a lot of big big answers which is really tough.

Advantages of chemistry to the society?

the advantages of chemistry are so many that its impossible to give more than a brief outline 1.all most all medic-ens are discovered by chemists not by physicians safety is depended upon chemistry 3.without chlorine drinking water surplices gives typhus rather quench theorists

What are the advantages of chemistry?

chemistry,,, advantages??? # Chemistry allows us to progress in technology as we better understand the world around us. i.e. atoms (although this can be argued as a bad thing) # Allows us to cure diseases and infections # Improves our quality of life. e.g. extracting ores to create favourable porducts # Alows us to undertand environmental issues (chemical polution)

Advantages of ICSE board?

The advantages of the ICSE board for education include education in all of the major subjects. These include English and math, as well as other sciences such as physics and chemistry.

What are the 9 branches of chemistry?

bio chemistry physical chemistry nuclear chemistry organic chemistry inorganic chemistry analytical chemistry environment chemistry poetical chemistry

How does chemistry depend on chemistry?

Chemistry is entirely dependent on chemistry. If it weren't for chemistry, chemistry wouldn't exist.

What are the 10 minor branches of chemistry?

The 10 branches of chemistry are analytical chemistry, biochemistry, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, nuclear chemistry, medicinal chemistry, physical chemistry, neurochemistry, theoretical chemistry, and materials chemistry.

What are the forms of chemistry?

The five main types of chemistry are Organic chemistry, Inorganic chemistry, Biological chemistry, Anylitical Chemistry, and Physical Chemistry

What has the author Samuel Parkes written?

Samuel Parkes has written: 'Chemical essays' -- subject(s): Accessible book, Chemical engineering, Chemistry, Manufactures, Technical Chemistry 'The chemical catechism, with notes illustrations and experiments' 'A letter to farmers and graziers on the advantages of using salt in agriculture, and in feeding cattle' -- subject(s): Salt, Salt as fertilizer 'The rudiments of chemistry' -- subject(s): Chemistry

5 branches of chemistry?

Organic chemistry, physical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, analytical chemistry and biological chemistry.

Five major branches of chemistry?

Organic chemistry, Inorganic chemistry, Physical chemistry, Analytical chemistry and Bio chemistry...

What are the five main branches of chemistry?

Physical chemistry Analytical chemistry Organic chemistry Inorganic chemistry Materials chemistry

What are the five major branches of chemistry?

5 Major Branches of ChemistryOrganic chemistry; Inorganic chemistry; Physical chemistry; Analytical chemistry; Bio chemistry;

Other branches of Chemistry?

atmosperic chemistry computational chemistry physical chemistry analitical chemistry

Could you Enumerate and describe the branches of chemistry?

physical chemistry,analytical chemistry,organic chemistry,in-organic chemistry,materials chemistry

Give at least 5 branches of chemistry?

Physical chemistry Analytical chemistry Organic chemistry Inorganic chemistry Materials chemistry

Divisions of chemistry?

Chemistry can be divided into the following categories: 1. Analytical Chemistry 2. Organic Chemistry 3. Inorganic Chemistry. 4. Nuclear Chemistry 5. Industrial Chemistry 6. Polymeric Chemistry. 7. Physical Chemistry.

Difference between filipino chemistry and foreign chemistry?

language is different, filipino chemistry is chemistry of filipine, foreign chemistry is chemistry of that country

Differentiate pure chemistry from applied chemistry?

Pure chemistry is the study of pure theory of chemistry such as organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry and physical chemistry. Applied chemistry is the study of basic chemistry principles and analytical instruments used in industrial work.

How is chemistry related to environmental science?

Chemistry is the chemistry if youre a chemistry then good for you