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Q: What is the adverb for conclusion?
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Is conclusion an adverb?

No. Conclusion is a noun. A related adverb form is "conclusively."

What is an Adverb for conclusion?

It is conclusively.

Is therefore a conjunction?

No, "therefore" is not a conjunction; it is an adverb that indicates a conclusion or result based on previous information presented. It is commonly used to show cause and effect relationships in sentences.

What is conclusion in adjective form?

The word 'conclusion' is the noun form: conclusion, conclusions, and the gerund, concluding.The verb forms are: conclude, concludes, concluding, concluded.The adjective forms are: conclusive, concluding, concluded.The adverb form is: conclusively.

What is the definition of hense?

"hence" is an adverb that means as a consequence or for this reason. It is used to show the result or conclusion of something. "Hense" is not a recognized word in English.

What is the 7 kinds of adverb?

1. Adverb Of Time2. Adverb Of Place3. Adverb Of Manner4. Adverb Of Degree of Quantity5. Adverb Of Frequency6. Interrogative Adverb7. Relative Adverb

What part of speech is ever?

"Ever" is an adverb.

What is the present tense of finally?

The present tense of "finally" is "finally." This word remains the same in present tense as it is an adverb indicating the conclusion of something or when something is done after a long time.

What part of speech is the word gently?

Softly is an adverb.

Is truthful an adverb?

No, it is not an adverb. Truthful is an adjective, and the adverb form is "truthfully."

What is an adverb modify?

An adverb phrase is two or more words that act as an adverb. It would be modified by an adverb or another adverb phrase.

What is adverb?

adverb is word that modified a verb,adjective.or other adverb