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Q: What is the adverb for obedience?
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What is the adverb of obedience?

The adverb of obedient is obediently.An example sentence is "the dog obediently fetched the newspaper".Another example sentence is "the soldier obediently shoots the terrorist".

What is prefix for obedience?

the prefix obedience is disobedience

How do you say obedience in spanish?

"Obedience" in Spanish is "obediencia".

What is adjective form of obedience?

The adjective form of obedience is obedient.

Who is the patron saint of obedience?

There is no designated patron saint of obedience.

How do you put obedience in a sentence?

I sent my dog to obedience school.

What is the 7 kinds of adverb?

1. Adverb Of Time2. Adverb Of Place3. Adverb Of Manner4. Adverb Of Degree of Quantity5. Adverb Of Frequency6. Interrogative Adverb7. Relative Adverb

What is a sentence about obedience?

Parents and teachers demand obedience from children.Wedding vows often require a bride to profess obedience to her husband.Trying to be obedient often puts us at odds with unfair rules and unjust laws.

What is the pronouns of obedience?

The pronoun that takes the place of the noun 'obedience' is it. Example: His dog's obedience is remarkable. It is a result of skillful training. The noun 'obedience' is an uncountable noun, so there is no pronoun for a plural form.

Is obedience a noun?

Yes, the word obedience is noun, a word for a behavior, a word for a thing. Example: The obedience of the dog to the commands was amazing.

What socialization theory relates to crimes of obedience?

Milgram's Theory of Obedience

How is obedience defined?

Obedience is the immediate performance of an activity commanded by someone in authority.

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