What is the age and value of a Polaroid 800 Land camera?

A collector can pick up an old 800 in working condition for $3 to near-mint for $40.

Additional Information

The 800 was a roll film model made from 1957-1962. Film is no longer available and the value is virtually nil, even though many of these can be found in mint condition. IMHO, these were marvels of engineering and manufacturing that were too expensive and complex for the average picture taker to handle. The lure of instant photography sold many of these cameras but the realities of operation relegated many to the back of the closet. FWIW, I believe these were similar to the Model 150 but had a lifetime guarantee that probably died with the company.

Some people have experimented with converting the old 800s for use with 120 roll film (also becoming expensive) with acceptable, but not stellar, results. Most of these cameras remain unsold at auction.

[December 2010]