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The age and value of a colt .45 peacemaker serial 180356 are about 1900


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Impossible to value with just a serial number. Could be 10-10000 USD or more

A Colt peacemaker .22 model with that serial number was made in 1971.

Your Colt single-action army peacemaker would be 127 years old, made in 1885,

if a single action then made about 1900. value depends on overall condition...........

value depends on overall conditioon................

if a single action made about 1877 is the question make a 'number' ?????

value depends on overall condition..........

value depends on overall condition.........

Colt .45 The colt model p had the nickname the peacemaker.

The closest I can find to that serial number would be a Colt peacemaker model .22 made about 1975.

A Colt peacemaker .22 model with that serial number was made in 1974, making it 37 years old.

It tells the year of manufacture of a Colt.

A Colt peacemaker .22 model with that serial number was made in 1975. About 36 years old.

The Colt frontier peacemaker .22 model with the L prefix was made in 1974.(L01001 to L25000)

10-10000 USD or more depending on specifics

Your .22lr Peacemaker was made in 1975.

Impossible to value with only the serial number.

Call Colt and they will tell you.

The value of a chrome plated colt python with a 4 digit serial is $800.

Mistaken post...sorry. I have two revolvers, and this is the serial of the Smith & Wesson .357 Magnum. I'll repost elsewhere.

A few hundred to multiple thousands depending on EXACT configuration, condition, box, papers, history, etc..

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