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Q: What is the age of Stevens mod 1244 12guage?
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Where can you find a schematic for Stevens mod 311A?

where can i find a schematic for Stevens mod. 311A

What is the age and value of a mod 335 double barrel 12 gauge shotgun made by J Stevens Arms Company?


Value of Stevens Mod 235?

Up to $300 in excellent condition.

Where can you find ejector for Stevens Mod 73? has them listed for $1.70

How much is a Sears Stevens 12 ga 3 inch chamber model 101.10080 age and value?

how much is a sears 12 ga worth mod #101.10080

How can you get a stock for a mod 235 Stevens double barrell?

Who made the western field mod sb-300 shotgun and what is its value?

Stevens made the sb-300. You can cross reference it and it comes out to a Stevens 311

How do you put a mod on Age of Empires 2?

You can't make a mod in AOE

Where can you find parts for a Stevens Mod 311 H 410 Ga shotgun?

J Stevens mod 520 12 ga pump 28 bbl?

about 1920

What year was Stevens mod 5100 410 made?

1941-1948, It then changed to model 311

What is the value of a Stevens savage 16 ga single shotgun mod 220b?

The value of a Stevens Savage Mod 220b 16 gauge single shot shotgun is between $200 and $500. The actual value varies greatly based on its overall condition.

What is the date and value of a Stevens Mod 311H 12 gage double barrel shotgun?

apx 1956

What is a mod 200 20 gauge shotgun J Stevens arms and tool worth?

150-600as new

How old is a Stevens 12 gauge shotgun model 940?

My dad and I bought a Stevens Mod. 940 single shot 16 gauge at a hardware store in 1950. model # 940

How many rounds does a Stevens mod 87A hold?

15 long rifle--will only operate auto with lr ammo

What is the value of a Savage Stevens Mod 311 410 Ga Side X Side?

About $500-$550, depending on condition.

Is a Western Field model 530A side by side shotgun the same as a Stevens 530A?

I don't find the Westernfield 530A but be careful: there is a Stevens 530 (1912 to 1918) that is a pump shotgun as well as the Stevens mod 530 (1935 to 1952) double barrel.

What is the age of a 12ga mod 12 ser263159?

Depends on who made it.

What is the age of a Stevens shotgun mod 211 cal 16 patented in 1913?

If patented in 1913 the shotgun is most likely was made before 1920. There is not really any way to get an accurate date without knowing more about the gun.

Stevens savage mod 124c what is the age and value?

just saw one with a $200 asking price. i picked one up today, asking price was $120 , I traded an IVER JOHNSON TARGET 22 even up.

What is value of Stevens mod 5100 12 ga serial AAYP in fair to good condition?

$150-$250, depending on condition.

Where can you buy a firing pin for a Stevens mod 15?

I would try Numrich gun parts corp.they should be able to help you.

What is the age limit for mod the sims2?

There is no age limit to the Sims. I think people of any age should play the Sims.

What is the age of your Glenfield Mod 30a with a serial number 24115664?