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I believe your colt was made about 1902................are you selling it ?????

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What is the value of a Colt DA 41 revolver Patented 1871 1875 serial 15804?

50-350 usd

What is value of a 38 caliber 1871 colt pistol serial 313104?

if you are taalking about a single action ??? made 1910

What is the age of a colt 4440 patented Sept 1871-June 1875 serial number 86679?

Depends on if it is a rifle or pistol

What year was a us revolver company 32 caliber 5 shot revolver manufactured with serial number 4101?


What is the Value of colt navy 38 caliber 1871 serial number 316429?

depending on the condition between (10%=$750)-(98%=$10,000)

What is the age and value of a 45 caliber SAA Colt revolver marked Sept 19 1871 and July 2 1872 serial 17170 c?

about 1898....................

What is the age and value of Iver Johnson 32 caliber revolver serial J 7537?

see text: Iver Johnson Arms and Cycle works 1871 - 1978

What is the age and value of a 45 caliber colt revolver marked sept 19 1871 serial 148201?

value depends on over all condition. made about 1893

What is the age and caliber of a nickel-plated 6-shot Colt serial 14208 patent September 9 1871 July 8 1872?

say about 1874. condition depends on price

What is the age and value of 45 caliber Colt revolver marked Sept 19 1871 July 2 1872 serial 125081?

I assume you colt is a single action revolver ????? if so, made about 1888

What is the age and value of a 45 caliber Colt revolver marked Sept 19 1871 serial 188808?

made about 1899.....................the value of any firearm depends on condition. i.e. metal finish, grips, bore, etc, etc...............

What is the value of 1871 Colt 41 caliber serial 201619? has serial number lists. As to value, your description leaves a lot to be desired. If its a Single Action Army, it was made the turn of the century. What type of finish (blue, nickel)? Barrel length? Any engraving? You could be in the price range of 100-1200.

How old is your white sewing machineserial 635387?

Singer Sewing machines from the year 1871 all have a serial number that ranges from 611.000 to 913.999, so a serial number of 635.387 would have been issued in 1871.

How do you determine the age of a 22 caliber Iver Johnson revolver?

A publication entitled Iver-Johnson Arms & Cycle Works Firearms 1871-1993 has a list of most serial #'s with dates of production, published by Gun Show Books Publishing.

What is the age of savage spingfield 187A serial B295955?

1871 so 136 years.

Could you tell the year colt .45 revolver was made the the serial?


What is a 1871 44cf hand gun worth?

Value of a gun is based on make, model and condition. You gave use year and caliber.

What is the value of a 45 colt pat sept 19 1871 serial 296589?

made about 1907

What is Manufacture date of Colt Mark VI series 80 serial?

September 18, 1871

What is the value of a colt 45 pat sept 19 1871?

condition and serial number needed.........

Who invented the gum ball mashine?

The gum ball machine was patented in 1871 by Thomas Adams. In 1888 he began putting the machines on the train platforms in New York.

How old is a Rock River Arms rifle LAR-15 with serial number 03455?


What is the age of a 45 Colt Single action Sept 19 1871 serial number 332283?

about 1917

What is a 32 caliber handgun with owl handle markings?

From 1871 to 1993, the Iver Johnson Company was a maker of decent quality low cost firearms. The Owl's Head logo was patented by their company, and was present on the hard rubber grips. While there is some collector interest, these do not tend to be extremely high dollar arms. There have been dozens of different .32 caliber handguns made by them over the years. For a brief history of their company, go here:

When was the water sprinkler invented?

The lawn sprinkler was invented in 1871. J. Lessler from Buffalo, New York, patented the sprinkler after city water systems spread in the 1870's.