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The Winchester model 1400 Mark II was so marked only from 1968-1972.This would be the time span of your shotguns production.

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Q: What is the age of model 1400 mkii serial?
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What is the age and value of a Winchester model 1400 serial 178543 in near perfect condition?

The Model 1400 was made from 1964-68

What is the Age of Winchester shotgun model 1400 serial 102173?

The model 1400 was made from 1964 to 1969...then it became the model 1400 MK II until 1972 then went back to model 1400 until 1974 then discontinued.

What is the age of a model 1400 Winchester shotgun?

Need a serial number and DETAILED description of ALL markings.

What is the age of a Winchester Model MkII N610xxx?

You are describing something that Winchester did not make.

What is the age and value of a 410 Winchester Model 42 serial 50998?

serial # 50998 is 1945 value 700-1400 dollars based on condition

What is the age of a Winchester model 140 12-gauge shotgun with serial number N1057693?

I do not believe that the serial numbers for the Winchester model 140 ranger,semi-auto shotgun are in the public domain.I can say that the Winchester model 1400 was made from 1964-1981,and this was the higher priced version of the model 140 ranger shotgun.

Age of Winchester model 70 serial?

Model 70 winchester serial number 432523 chambered in 416 rigby

What is the age and value of a Browning Sweet Sixteen serial 4S32381?

1964. Value from $500-$1400.

What is the age of serial number 118408?

is that the serial number of a model A ford ?? or firearms ?? If a firearm, who made it and what is the model ????

What is the age of your model 60 S and W38special serial 49048?

No such serial number in the Model 60 range.

How do you get an age on your Winchester model 12?

the age of a model 12 shotgun can be determined by the serial number.

What is the age of Colt serial number S13160A?

What model would it be? which model ?????????

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