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Q: What is the agency that over see s the us space program?
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What was the first space program started by nasa?

Mercury was the name of the first American Space program started by NASA. The goals were to see if humans can go to space and function normaly.

How space shuttle change space program?

Well see, people want to go up into space...but they can't... so they'll die

What were the objectives of the Gemini program?

The objective was to see if man could walk in space, and they even had two Gemini spacecrafts in space at the same time.

Where can you see microbes?

all over the world and place basicley you would see them in space

What are the first 3 space programs in the US?

Mercury , Gemini and Apollo - see related link below to additional information regarding the U.S. Space Program .

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A program called SequoiaView (which is available as freeware) will scan your hard drive and then show you how all of your space is allocated. Assuming all of your photos are in one folder, you'll be able to see them all together. To download the program, see the Related Link.

How do you join to nasa space agency i m an electrical engineer?

See the related link. Everything you want to know is there ... job lists, information on working for NASA, and how to apply.

Identify five benefitsnof the us space program?

Technology has increased, a better understanding of the laws of physics, the ability to see further into space, the effects of weightlessness on the body and the results of the viability of being able to live on another planet. The Biosphere 2 Dome is an example of how we would try to colonize another planet. Although not directly in space it is still linked to the space program.

What is the main function of a space station?

Simple but true, to learn more about space in general and by few means and to learn to make technology to get to Pluto and beyond. In simple form: To live in space to collect information about space to see how far we can go without being killed. But Obama has recently shut down the NASA program and they aren't sending people into space but I imagine our next president's first move will be to restart the program.

Is Anand Bazar Patrika taking over the leading news agency United News of India?

How does one see the date when the question was asked ?

What does someone in space travel see?

you see space!

How many times have men been in space?

Dozens and dozens of men - women, too. There are men in space now, aboard the ISS (International Space Station). Sometimes after sunset, you can see the ISS fly over your town.. it's REALLY cool to see.