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Q: What is the animal that resembles an armadillo but has fur and clearly not an armadillo?
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What is beaver lamb fur?

A type of 'fake' fur made from processed sheepskin so that it resembles beaver fur.

If it looks like a poo and smells like a poo then why is it a fecaloid and not just a poo?

It only resembles dung. It may, infact, be the remainder of an animal meal that was not digested--bones, fur and such.

What are the body covering of the black bill or black mole platypus and armadillo?


Which animal has the most fur?

the animal that has the most fur is a polar bear

What animal has fur?

Mammals have fur.

What animal has purple colored fur?

There is no real, existing animal with purple fur.

What animal is bassarisk fur?

red panda(which is a fox) is bassarisk fur animal.

Is fur and feathers the same thing?

No. Although feathers are made of keratin (like fur) but there are so many different types of feathers (vaned, down, filoplumes), compared to fur. The last of these most resembles fur.

Are animal print bags made with real fur?

Most animal print bags are made of the skin of the animal. That's why they are called animal print. But animal bags made with fur are usually made with Faux fur.

How do you soften the fur of a matted stuffed animal?

To soften matted fur of a stuffed animal rub the fur with a damp wash cloth.

Why is animal fur popular?

Animal Fur is popular because you can make things like clothes,bags,hats out of it and it costs quite alot of money and depending on what animal the fur is from says how much it would be. Take a endangered animal for example the fur from that would cost more because its a rare animal.

Why shouldn't humans use animal fur?

because using animal's fur is cruel and ur killing them