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Q: What is the answer to The 39 Clues card 1 surrveillance camera?
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What is the answer for the surveillance camera card puzzle for The 39 Clues?

The answer is TAG.

What is the 39 clues common card?

it is card number 1: surveillance camera and the answer to the question is tag

What is the code for the three letter code for the survaleince camera card for the 39 clues?


Can you have a reusable card code on The 39 Clues?

The only card that has a reusable code is the Surveillance Camera card (card #1) that comes with The 39 Clues Book 1: The Maze of Bones. Otherwise, you can not use a card code that someone else has already used.

In the 39 clues what is the code for card 67?

In the 39 clues what is the code for card 67?

What is the answer to card 153 in The 39 Clues?

They only have 39 clues.

What is the answer for 39 clues card 190 on 39 clues?


39 clues card 66 black berry answer?

The answer for the 39 Clues card 66 is: Oliver.

How many card packs are in The 39 Clues series?

there are 4 card packs in the 39 clues series.

Where can you get card 449 for The 39 Clues?

the code to get card 449 for the 39 clues is GETVESPERS hope this helps

How do you enter a 39 clues card code?

You have to make your own account on the 39 clues website, then look for the code on the card, click add card, and enter the code.

Rare 39 clues cards?

a grate card code for the 39 clues is P32979TXXP