What is the apocolyps?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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An Apocalypse is the end of days, but there are allot of different types of Apocalypse's, the most none one is a zombie Apocalypse e.g an infection has infected individual civilians and mutates the infected into flesh eating monsters in the form of a human

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Q: What is the apocolyps?
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What does 4 h of the a stand for?

4 horseman of the Apocolyps.

When well the apocolyps happen?

whenever God comes again

What greek god warrior was defeated by the weakness of his heel?

Apocolyps in approximately 311BC

What should you do when a zombies apocolyps happenss?

Kick back with a bowl of popcorn because that day will never (EVER) come

When is the apocolyps?

the ancient Mayans said some time in 2012, however they where wrong the world will not en in 2012 and nobody but God knows the time

When did astronomers make radio telescopes?

I really do not know, but Hypotheticaly it was originaly made in 1687 march 5. oh and about the world ending it was made originaly made never to end, but from the worlds apocolyps it may end in a.e. (which is after earth) so don't believe other people saying the world will end in 2012 the higg's boson will definitly not be a faliure because steven Hawkins and other smartest people alive will make the higg's boson so do not be afraid.

What is the best Allegiance in warhammer 40k?

well maybe Space Marines and Imperial Guard for an Apocolyps battle.Space Marines and tough and perform great in all areas, they can be good for pushing the enemy back with massive fire power and ordance from a whirlwind, they can also be equipped with powerful wargear.Imperial Guard can surround an enemy and bombard them with lasgun fire. and they have (in my oppinion) the greatest amour avalible. from multiple variteys of Baneblades for every situation. Plus a few Battalisks can completely destroy an enemies formation and crush their moral so when the Leman Russ and Baneblades roll in the enemy is totally unprepared for the devistation that is about to unfold.There are probbably better allegiances available for your different stratagys. but Space Marines and imperial Guard works perfectly for my type of game play.

How do you survive a zombie apocolyps?

The most important thing is to prepare beforehand. If an apocalypse hits, you may want to take the 'defend your fortress' approach, and if you find yourself ill-prepared, you have a slim chance of survival. Next is to accept the world as it is now, after it has been taken over. Do not fall to panic. Try to maintain human socialization and ways of entertainment, as that is the only way to not go insane of the zombies' moans. Books are most recommended, as they don't require any sort of electricity, and usually do not break that easily. Stock up on supplies. Have a large water supply, as you can survive without food longer than you can without water. Canned foods are most convenient, as they take the least room, and remain edible for a long period. Last thing you want to do is turn to cannibalism, or have someone do that to you. Also, stock up on weapons. These are necessary to sometimes send out scouting parties to be in-the-know of the surrounding world, and know when the zombie threat may have been repelled to some extent. If the whole Earth gets taken over, except for a few human refugees, then it is impossible to survive until you die. Zombies will eventually get in, or your supplies will run out. Whichever comes first, both of those are just ticking time-bombs, ready to happen. I am a 15 year old boy with a plan. I learned of the zombie apocalypse after reading the Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks. If and when the apocalypse happens my plan is to take over a semi truck with a trailer and acquire vegetable seeds. With weapons, seeds, water and friends I will then steal a barge in the gulf, putting all supplies on it, and then sailing to the Bahamas living with vegetables, water and fish. Haha, ZOMBIES CANT SWIM.

What were three critical events in 1995?

Major events in 1995 in United States were the following:The Saran gas attack in Tokyo's subwayTimothy McVeigh's bombing of the federal building in Oklahoma CityOpening of the O.J. Simpson murder trial in California. He was eventually found not guilty by the juryThe Million Man March in Washington DCPope John Paul II visits the United States