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Copal Gum was once used in pyrotechnics as a fuel but is now obsolete in this purpose. It is used today as an emulsifier mostly and as a wood finish.

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Which kind of gum or resin is used in magic?

Aloes (Wood Aloes) Asafoetida Balm of Gilead Benzoin Camphor Copal Dammar Dragon's Blood Frankincense Gum Arabic Mastic Myrrh Pine Tragacanth

What did the Aztecs use copal for?

Copal was used as an incense for burning in front of idols

What is the meaning of copal in English?

the meaning of copal in English from spanish is "incense" the meaning of copal in English from spanish means "incense" it is sometimes put on and used as jewellery

What does copal mean in spanish?

Copal has the same meaning in English and Spanish - an aromatic plant resin used in varnishes.

Where could one locate the definition of the word copal?

You can find the definition of the word "copal" through a physical or online dictionary. Various types of fossilized tree resin fall under the category copal.

What will be a good application for which gum is the most elastic?

virat kohli

What does copal mean in english?

Copal is aboriginal american incense, from the dried sap of large 'red' pine trees that grow in mexico and central america, most associated with mayan prayer.

What is the burning of incense left at altars in spanish?

its copal :) it was on my spanish hw

How do you say anime in spanish?

Goma copal That is not the answer. it is el anime. :) and by the way i love amine.

What does the scrambled word ELIOPNAC spell out?

Copaline, which is a partly mineralized copal dug from the ground.

Which gum loses its flavor fastest sour gum or regular gum?

The regular gum lasts longest. Gum gum gum

Why is Chewing gum called gum?

because gum spelled backwards is mug and that is why gum is called gum

Which gum last longer five gum or trident gum?

5 gum

What gum lasts longer bubble gum or mint gum?

Bubble gum.

What gum can keep its flavor the longest?

Stride gum trident gum 5 gum splsah gum hubba bubba

How do I stop a water leak in a 1957 Chev Nomad?

Gum Gum Gum Gum

How many sticks of gum is in five gum?

In 5 gum there are 15 pieces of gum.

What are Mayan rituals?

Use of copal (incense), animal sacrifice, candles, invocations of gods. Many Mayans are now Catholic.

What does chicle mean?

chewing gum chewing gum chewing gum chewing gum It is a sticky sap from a tree.Which is made for gum. It is a sticky sap from a tree.Which is made for gum.

What is Spidge?

Chewing Gum. Chewing Gum. Chewing Gum.

Who makes gum?

Actually we get gum from we get gum from whales is that when they die there blaber be used to make gum.

Do dentists stick needles in your gum when you go get a tooth pulled?

Not in your gum, in the side of your mouth close to your gum Not in your gum, in the side of your mouth close to your gum

Where is gum manufactured?

All gum is manufactured in gum factories. Apart from that made in peoples homes. This gum is made in peoples homes, not in gum factories.

How far does gum stretch?

How far gum stretches varies greatly depending on the type of gum, the amount of gum, and the structure of the gum. The world record gum stretch is close to 48 feet.

IS sugar free gum a candy?

Technically bubble gum is a candy and sugar free gum or mint gum call it what you want is not gum. Mint gum or sugar free gum is pretty much like a mint but in a gum form. i hope this answers your question. - Amy 69