What is the asteroid belt made up of?


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the asteroid belt is made up of left over rocks from the formation of planets.

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The asterod belt is made up of rocks and gases.

The asteroid belt is mostly made of rocky debris.

The asteroid belt is part of the Solar System, if that's what you mean.

The main asteroid belt in space rests between the plants Mars and Jupiter. About half of the area is made up of four large asteroids.

yes, the asteroid belt is made up of millions of asteroids between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter.

the solar system, made up of the planets, asteroid belt, comets, and the kuiper belt

The asteroid belt does not have moons: it has asteroids, which is why it is called the asteroid belt!

Our moon is not in the asteroid belt. No planet's moon is in the asteroid belt or it would not be a moon.

Mars is not in the asteroid belt. The Asteroid Belt is between Mars and Jupiter.

As the name suggests - asteroids.

Iron and rocky asteroids.

Considering the Asteroid Belt is made up of Dwarf Planets, asteroids, pebbles, grains and dust, it's difficult to be precise. As a combination, the best answer would be anywhere from grey to black.

It is spelled: Asteroid Belt

Each individual member of the asteroid 'belt' is in its own elliptical orbit around the sun.

It can get as cold as it can. The farther the planet with an asteroid belt is from the sun, the colder the asteroid belt gets :)

Main asteroid beltThe asteroid belt

Two parts of the asteroid belt, the inner belt is closer to the Sun and the outer belt is further from the Sun.

Asteroid belt divides the gas giants and rocky planets. It helps earth survive as it eats up majority of the asteroid attacks from outside.

The Asteroid belt is Black-Brown

The asteroid belt does not have an atmosphere.

No. Saturn is beyond the asteroid belt.

The asteroid belt is not in Jupiter.

Venus is not in any asteroid belt.

the Asteroid belt has no satelites all the asteroids that make up the belt is another asteroids satelite so there would be thousands of satelites

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