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In "Mowing" by Robert Frost, the attitude towards the act of mowing is one of contemplation, appreciation, and connection to nature. The speaker reflects on the peacefulness and beauty of the task, finding joy in the simplicity of the work and the rhythm of the scythe cutting through the grass. Frost's poem conveys a sense of harmony between man and nature through the act of mowing.

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Q: What is the attitude of mowing by Robert Frost?
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What is the rhyme scheme for Mowing?

The poem "Mowing" by Robert Frost has an irregular rhyme scheme, with no fixed pattern. It contains various rhymes such as ABAB, AABB, and ABCB throughout the poem. This lack of a consistent rhyme scheme contributes to the natural and conversational tone of the poem.

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The poem "Mowing" by Robert Frost has an irregular rhyme scheme. The rhyme scheme for the poem is ABCABDECDFEGFG. Many of the end words also form slant rhymes with each other.