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The average GPA is around a 2.8. The Georgia Tech Research Institute did a comprehensive study on grade distribution and particularly on grade inflation at Tech and other universities. The report gives GPAs for each major, race, each year of classes, etc. Do a Google search for Average GPA at Georgia Tech and it is within the top 5 links.


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The required GPA is a 3.4 GPA for Georgia tech

the average of a attending student is a 2.5 gpa or higher

The average GPA at Texas Tech is 3.44. If your GPA is at or below the school average of 3.44, you'll need a higher SAT or ACT score to compensate.

The average GPA of a 7th grader is about 3.3. This represents a student with As and Bs in school.

a GPA of about 3.32 - 3.77 if you aren't a trasfer student.

The average GPA needed to be acceoted unto an x-ray tech school is 3.2. However, you can get into higher-quality schools with a higher GPA, and some schools will accept almost any GPA provided you have the money for tuition.

If a student has a 78 percent grade their GPA (Grade Point Average) would be a 2.3. This figures out to be a C+ average.

yes that is very good. That is better than an average student GPA 2.0

There is no minimum GPA to enter Tufts. However the average GPA of an enetering undergrad student is 3.67.

There is NO average SAT or GPA score to get into UVA. I am a third-year student there and all I can say is to do your best and see how far it takes you. While there is no minimum that determines if you are 'in' or 'out', I will say the average high school GPA for an entering UVA student is over a 4.00 weighted high-school GPA. GOOD LUCK!!

The Average Unweighted GPA of a new student to UNC-Wilmington is a 3.79.

It really depends on the school. I'd say B is the average letter grade, which is around 3.0 on the GPA scale.

Well, the average unweighted GPA is about a 3.50 or B+/A- Average. So if you are applying you should probably be around there.

at least a 2.5 but the average student at vcu is a 3.2

Virginia Tech does not have a minimum GPA requirement to get into the school. If you have a low GPA, you can focus on extracurricular activities and your essay.

A 2.42 GPA is the equivalent of a "C" average, for example a student with six classes, with C's in four of them and B's in two would average a 2.33 GPA, similar to a 2.42.

It is very tough to get into Georgia Tech. You need to have around a 1450-1500 on you SAT's as well as a 3.95 unweighted GPA. Extra-curricular activities are huge as well. Very tough school, but amazing if you can get in.

If you are going right in after high school the average GPA is 3.7 If you are going in as a transfer student from a community college, etc. its a 3.3

A 1.0 GPA on a 4-point scale indicates that a student has received a 'D' average in his/her courses.

Penn State University looks at many factors when a student applies for admission. The average student accepted into the college has a GPA of 3.5 or higher.

An overall grade point average or GPA is the cumulative grade that a college student has made for a specified period. An overall GPA can be for a semester, a year, or for a whole program.

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