What is the average ODI score?

Updated: 12/15/2022
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Q: What is the average ODI score?
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Sachin's highest odi score?

Sachin's highest score in ODI's is 200* against South Africa.

Who is first Indian to score century in ODI?

Kapildev is the very first Indian to score an ODI century.

Highest score in odi matches?

Srilanka hold the highest ODI score ever with 443/9 4th July in 2006

What is the score of India in 2nd odi pleas answer you ASAP waiting here no access here?

354 is the score of India in second ODI against Australia.

How many ODI centuries did Sachin score as on date?

49 ODI centuries on August 2012

Yuvraj's best score in odi?

best score:139 against Australia

How many runs did sir Donald bradman score in odi?

He's never played in ODI matches.

What is the highest score of dhoni in odi with srilanka?

183 not out.

What was sachin's first odi score?

0 runs

What is Virat Kohlis highest ODI score?


What is the highest score in odi muhammad yousuf?


When did Dhoni Score his first ODI century?