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What is the average amount of pay for a DJ?

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Depends on the type of Dj u r talking about. Radio, Party corporate, party home, Party events (weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzfahs), Seminars, NightClubs, Mainstream nightclubs, Stripclub, Mainstream Stripclubs, and many more........

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What is the average amount of pay for a wedding DJ?

on average 300-500 dollars

On average how much should an used iPod DJ cost?

Generally speaking, the cost of a DJ who uses an iPod doesn't vary depending on whether the DJ bought their iPod used or not. On average, you should expect to pay up to $100 per hour for a DJ.

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Average salary of a radio DJ?


What is the average pay for an freelance engineering consultant in the US market?

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How much does dj cost for wedding?

This can depend on the state you live on, but the average cost for a DJ on your wedding is $300-$500.

What is the average amount of pay for a night club DJ?

Salaries vary greatly depending on the night club and the location. Most clubs hire 3 DJs per night paying each an average $250 for two hours. DJ salaries at strip clubs are very different. The DJ works a full 8-hour shift and gets paid by each dancer. In large strip clubs in Manhattan, for example, each dancer is required to tip the DJ at least $20. On a weekend, there are usually 50-70 dancers and as many as 100+ dancers at the higher end strip clubs, in which case the DJ averages a minimum $1,000 per night with $2,000+ not being uncommon. Strip club DJs tend to make the most money, meeting beautiful dancers is a major perk. Question answered by: A Veteran Strip Club DJ

Who much does a person pay on a dj party?

i payed about 2000 dollars

How much money does a radio DJ earn?

A radio DJ on average makes about $40,000 per year. The starting salary for a radio DJ is about $20,000 to $30,000 per year.

How much to rent a dj?

alot. the average is like $500

What is Average salary of dj in the Philippines?

For about 20000 pesos monthly

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